What Do Consumers Want to Eat at Top Restaurant Franchises?


Restaurant Business Online conducted a recent survey to figure out consumer demands when it comes to eating at their favorite franchise restaurant. The study found that 62% of millennials consider themselves to be adventurous eaters, but when it comes to choosing a new menu item, only 30% of diners will try something new. Of those, 73% will try an existing menu item, 17% will try something brand new, and only 10% will try a limited time offer. Claims of wanting something new and ordering familiar, saying they want healthy options, but choosing something decadent, and wanting quality ingredients without paying the price, it’s no wonder that even the the top restaurant franchises are in a rat race to keep up with the ever changing demands of the American consumer.

What Do Consumers Want?

When it comes to choosing new menu items, 53% of American consumers will choose a main dish as their experiment and 12% are more likely to try this new dish a fast casual dining establishment. Here are some other interesting facts revealed by the study:

When asked how the menu drives visits to dining establishments:

  • 80% of consumers look for their favorite menu items when choosing where to eat
  • 70% choose a restaurant for healthy options, while 63% of fast casual diners expect healthy options
  • 60% choose a restaurant based on locally sourced menu items
  • 30% say customization is important when selecting where to eat
  • Baby boomers are more likely to name food quality as their number one concern when selecting a restaurant to dine at

When asked about snack preferences, a franchise restaurant should be aware that 53% of consumers say it’s important that snacks are not too large. When it comes to snacking the study revealed:

  • 58% of snacks are grabbed spur-of-the-moment
  • 71% of snackers grab their treat mid afternoon
  • 75% snack once a day, while 50% snack at least twice
  • Snack definitions have broadened to include candy, nuts, crackers, fruit, cheese and other treats

Consumers were also asked about their sandwich preferences, and revealed that:

  • The average consumer eats 3 sandwiches per week, with 46% of those are eaten away from home
  • 42% of consumers order the same sandwich each time they eat out, while 33% are more likely to try unique flavors
  • 29% want more ethnic food choices in the form of sandwiches

Bruges Offers What Consumers Want

Whether you want healthier or customizable options, snacks or unique and authentic flavors, Bruges offers something for everyone. Along with these benefits, we offer customers an authentic European dining experience with every meal. Whether you visit us as a diner, or as a potential franchise restaurant owner, Bruges will provide an experience you won’t soon forget!

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