What do Bruges Franchise Restaurants and Nebraska have in Common?

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Nebraska may be home to famous landmarks and rivers, but it is yet to be home to Bruges franchise restaurants. When it comes to studying the two, Nebraska and Bruges Waffles & Frites franchise restaurants actually have a lot in common. Here is our top ten list.

What’s in a Name?

Nebraska was originally known as the Tree Planter’s State, but in 1945 that changed to the Cornhusker State. Perhaps in the near future it will change to “The Waffle State.”

Sweet as Honey

The honeybee is the state insect of Nebraska. Honey can be a sweet topping for an authentic Belgian waffle.

Celebrating Victories

The University of Nebraska football team has produced more academic All-Americans than any other Division I school. We suggest celebrating with waffles!

Laws of Eating

Obscure laws still exist in Blue Hill, where a woman wearing a hat that would scare a timid person can not be seen eating onions in publc. She can, however, be seen eating waffles.

Swing into the Sunset

The world’s largest porch swing is in Hebron, and seats 25 adults. What better way to enjoy it than with a Bruges specialty waffle as you watch the sunset.

No Lights? No Problem!

Nebraska is home to Dr. Harold Edgerton, inventor of the strobe light. When it comes to eating waffles from Bruges, it doesn’t matter if you eat them under a strobe or by candlelight, the taste will still amaze you.

The Great Rush

Sidney, Nebraska was home to the starting point of the Black Hills Gold Rush. Next up, the authentic Belgian waffle rush…

Great References

Nebraska was once referred to as “The Great American Desert.” Maybe with the addition of a Bruges restaurant it will be changed to the home of “The Great American Dessert.”

Signature Sandwiches

Nebraska is the birthplace of the Reuben sandwich, and Bruges invented the Machine Gun Sandwich.  Try them both and determine your favorite!

Museums and More

Union Pacific Railroad’s museum is headquartered in Nebraska. Perhaps a Belgian waffle museum will be next?


With so much in common, there is no doubt that Bruges franchise restaurants belong in Nebraska. The only question left is, will you be the one to bring it here? If you can smell the waffles, and can visualize being the first to bring them to your Nebraska community, we invite you to continue on to our online discovery center to get answers to all your questions.

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