Waffle Monster Sighted in Draper, Utah

unnamedHas legendary Belgian cryptid migrated to western U.S.?

The first sighting of a waffle monster was reported in Draper, Utah on June 20. The monster, who appeared to be right out of a legend, was searching for something. Officials are not releasing information on the case, but rumor has it that the Belgian waffle cryptid has migrated to Utah, and is searching for his beloved authentic waffles. Little is known about the monster at this time, but restaurant franchise owners say he could be dangerous.

“The waffle monster has a tendency to be a trouble maker,” said Philippe Wyffels, Belgian native and co-founder of Bruges Waffles & Frites. “Its curious nature tends to tempt taste buds into trying things they might not have had before, and they may become addicted as a result. This little monster is sneaky and could possibly change your life! Or, at least they way you view waffles!”

Bruges Waffles & Frites owners have been cooking up the monster’s favorite waffles since 2003, when they recreated a Belgian favorite, the Liège waffle. They introduced it at the Salt Lake City farmers market, and waffle lovers rejoiced. As the awareness of the brand grew, so did the menu. Belgian style fries or “frites” came next increasing the company’s popularity, and later the waffle monster was added as another enticing creation for people of all ages.

This most recent sighting of the waffle monster in Draper will not be the last. The Bruges brand will open another restaurant location in the city in late summer of 2015. Parents beware: the waffle monster is especially enticing to children with big appetites, and are extremely addictive. It only takes one monster, and your child will be asking for monsters non-stop.

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