Training: Dare to Be Different

When it comes to our restaurant franchises, we are approaching the entire franchise model differently. From ensuring our selected partners hold the same company values to the training and support we provide, Bruges keeps an inventive and progressive approach to the franchising model. Because of this, we are able to create a more collaborative and supportive culture where even those with no prior experience with restaurant franchises can thrive.


A Different Level of Training

Bruges prides ourselves on being different- standing out among the crowd. Our menu items stand out among monotonous options, our community focused marketing strategy sets us apart from other restaurant franchises, and our commitment to continual training and support of our franchises gives them the advantage over other franchise owners.

We provide every ingredient necessary to cook up a successful business, and we are constantly working to perfect our recipes for success. As a Bruges franchise owner, you can expect to learn all about our brand and culture through Bruges Academy, have access to all the resources you need through ‘Bruges Online,’ our franchise intranet which also provides virtual support. Continual training through live webinars, phone calls, and access to manager training programs available at our headquarters.


From Belgium With Love

Part of our honest and open approach to franchising is sharing our business concept and training you in a way that you’ll love. Our training program consists of five elements to help you feel more confident about opening your Bruges Waffles & Frites restaurant franchise.

  1. Spend a Day in Bruges. While we aren’t talking about taking each prospective franchisee to Belgium, we do want each person interested in a franchise to visit our headquarters and see how things operate on a daily basis. Following this visit, we will assist you with the start up plans you need to get your restaurant rolling.
  2. Graduate From Bruges Academy. Ready to be ‘schooled’ in all things Bruges? Our academy focuses mainly on operations training from hiring and managing your staff to keeping the culture/brand values prominent.
  3. Spend a Day in the Kitchen. Every item on our menu takes a bit of magic to produce. When you spend the day in our headquarters kitchen, you will learn how to make our specialties and receive training on daily procedures to help keep the magic alive.
  4. Your Turn to Shine. You will be assigned an on-site trainer to help you scout out location, prepare everything during pre-opening and assist you in getting up and running.
  5. Keep it Up. From newsletters to webinars and intranet training, Bruges provides you every element needed to help you and your staff continue to improve your service.



Dare to be different! Learn more about Bruges restaurant franchises at our online discovery center!

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