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Recently, popular food blogger, Aileen Adalid of ‘I am Aileen, ’posted an article on her blog about the 25 foods people must eat while in Belgium. Among others, the list included authentic Belgian frites, Liege waffles, Belgian chocolate, Speculoos, creative sandwiches, and sausages. Luckily, those who live close to a Bruges restaurant franchise don’t have to travel to Belgium to experience these authentic dishes as they are served daily in our restaurants.

Do You Want to Know a Secret?

Bruges has discovered one of the secrets of the nation’s top restaurant franchises… serving ‘must have cuisine.’ The top three items mentioned on the above Belgium food list are dishes we specialize in at Bruges. Our authentic and delicious Belgian frites are best when dipped into one our many choices of homemade, mayonnaise based dipping sauces. Belgian natives love them, and so do our raving fans.


Our Liege waffles are what put us on the map. When Belgian natives Pierre Van Damme and Philippe Wyffels met in Salt Lake City, they reminisced on the flavorful and authentic cuisine of their childhoods, and set out to recreate the waffle they both loved so much. Now, hundreds of fans are enjoy these efforts so they don’t have to travel to Belgium to experience a real Belgian treat.


As for the chocolate and speculoos, these toppings along with a variety of others are what make our waffles complete. Whether you add the extra sweetness on top or have the chocolate stuffed inside the waffles ridges torpedo style, you know it is authentic every time. Bruges has also become known for our many signature sandwich options which appeal to a variety of palettes.

Top Restaurant Franchises Continue to Invent

The top restaurant franchises stay on top of restaurant industry trends by periodically introducing new menu items. As Bruges has grown, we have also expanded our menu by introducing frites, and then our specialty sandwiches, flemish stew, and now a kids menu. As we continue to attract new customers and retain our loyal fans, we know that new menu items are a must.


In March, Bruges held a Facebook contest for our fans to name our newest waffle creation. The savory and sweet concoction features a Liege waffle topped with creme fraiche, bacon, and caramel sauce. Jen Meecham, from Clinton, Utah, suggested the name “Cochon on a Cloud.” Cochon is the French word for domestic pig, and is the perfect description for our new item. Meecham will receive a free Cochon on a Cloud as well as a gift card to our restaurants.


As we continue to grow and serve pleasing dishes to our customers, we are also seeking franchise partners to help us expand the Bruges brand into neighboring states. If you can smell the waffles, we invite you to learn more about our founders and our franchise opportunities at our online discovery center.

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