The Search for an Authentic Brand Among Top Restaurant Franchises

authenticTop restaurant franchises have many things in common—a strong brand, a popular menu, franchise support, and the likelihood of a good return on your franchise investment. But not all of them share one critical factor: authenticity. More than ever before, brand authenticity is driving American buying and dining habits.

In this age of transparency and the democratization of information, Americans are increasingly seeking out authentic brands, and they quickly recognize the impostors. Knowing the real stories behind the company, its people, and its products, adds an important experiential component to tangible goods; leaving consumers with a sense of honesty as they feel a connection to the brand.

According to the Journal of Business Research, when it comes to brand authenticity, consumers see three dimensions: heritage, sincerity, and commitment to quality. In the eye of a consumer, they are not just purchasing a product for a logo, but rather buying into the set of values that the company holds. When a company sticks to their roots, their heritage will shine through making the brand seem truly authentic in the eyes of the consumer.

Many studies have been conducted on the topic of brand authenticity and the consumer. According to George Newman, professor at Yale School of Management, as reported in the Journal of Marketing Research, consumers place a higher value on products that come from the original factories. The origination of a product increases the consumer’s perceived authenticity and value of the product. Plus, after reading the stories behind the brand, this effect is increased.

Further, Brian Wansink, marketing professor at Cornell University, found that if menu items that listed geographical or nostalgic labels were purchased more frequently and customers even reported they tasted better!

What do these findings have to do with your decision among the top restaurant franchises? Put simply, authenticity is everything! Consumers are seeking a product that is truly authentic, and when you deliver, you have a recipe for success!

Bruges Waffles & Frites leads the pack when it comes to distinctive brand authenticity. We place the highest value on uncompromising quality and uniquely Belgian culture and cuisine in a warm and welcoming environment. Bruges offers customers an authentic taste of Europe with real Belgian flavors—a refreshing alternative to processed mass produced products. With a menu consisting of fresh, made-from-scratch specialties consisting of real ingredients, they connect with a truly enjoyable European experience.

With fast-casual restaurants climbing the ranks of top restaurant franchises around the country, and authenticity proving to be so important to consumers, there has never been a better time to join the Bruges franchising team. Can you smell the waffles?

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