The Only Formula You Need to Be a Great Boss

woman-hand-desk-officeNot much goes into being a boss—all it takes is being placed in charge of a few employees and you’re there. But what does it take to be a great boss? Here are some things you can do to help you go from the person in charge to World’s Best Boss.

Be Clear in the Instructions You Give

Any instructions or directions you give your employees should be simple and clear. Don’t convolute them by trying to sound smart or important—just lay it out there so everyone can understand and there will be no confusion.

Offer Solutions to Problems

Rather than just getting angry with your employees and criticizing them when they make mistakes, take the time to offer solutions. Pull the employee or employees aside individually and turn the mistake into a learning experience for you both. Offering help and advice rather than punishment and anger help maintain a better morale in the workplace, and makes employees more likely to come to you when they’ve made a mistake or need help.  

Acknowledge a Job Well Done

This is one of the most important things you can do as a boss. Give credit where credit is due—praising your employees and recognizing a job well done will go a long way in building up a positive company culture and gaining the trust and loyalty of your employees. Knowing they’re appreciated leaves your workers happier to come to work and more likely to work hard to help better your business.

Get to Know Your Employees

Take the time to really get to know your employees. Sit down and visit with them over lunch, pull them aside and have a chat about how life is going. You don’t have to be (nor should you be) their best friend, but taking the time to get to know them helps them feel important and valued. Learning more about who they are and what their life outside of work looks like may give you better insight on who they are as a person.  

Treat Your Employees Fairly and as Equals

Nobody likes a boss who constantly makes sure their employees know that they are subordinates. Lead by example and treat your employees as equals. Letting them know that your loyalties lie with them not only earns their trust but their respect, too, and cultivates the positive work environment everyone wants to be a part of.   

Time to Become the World’s Best Boss

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