The Bruges Brand: Authentic Down to Our Support Team

Our franchise restaurants have a big responsibility to fill: keeping the authenticity and culture of the brand alive. The support system for franchises is built to help you keep the culture strong as we spread our brand across the American West.


Belgian Style Support from a World-Class Team

restaurant franchise community-of-partnersAfter your initial training is completed, you can expect ongoing support from our world-class franchising team. We provide all the ingredients needed to be successful in the restaurant business and give each franchise owner a personalized and responsive approach to meet their needs. This combination gives our franchise owners a powerful advantage over owners of other franchise restaurants.

Our number one priority is to uncompromising quality throughout our restaurants. Due to this priority, we place high value on communication and quality training practices. Our support team is there to answer your every questions from the moment you become a franchise owner through the duration of our relationship.


You’ve Been Accepted to Bruges Academy… Now What?

Our support team will exceed your expectations! Bruges Academy consists of hands-on operations training and is only the beginning of what you will experience with Bruges. From there, we will hold monthly webinars, regular training calls, in-service trainings, access to our resource-rich intranet, and support from a responsive franchise helpdesk. Our franchise support teams will go above and beyond your expectations to help you be successful as a franchise owner.


Bruges Franchise Restaurants Stand Out From the Crowd

From our beginnings, we were not afraid to be different. We built our brand from a waffle cart in the farmer’s market to where we are today. We offer a different variety of food options, a different cultural experience and are now taking a different approach to franchising. If you are someone who wants to stand out from the crowd and be different, with a different level of franchise support to stand behind you, discover more about the Bruges opportunity by exploring our Online Discovery Center.

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