The Amazing Tastes of Waffles-All Day Long

Bruges Restaurant Franchise Grants Permission to Enjoy Waffles Any Time

SALT LAKE CITY– Who is guilty of indulging in waffles for dinner on occasion? Bruges Waffles & Frites, the hottest new restaurant franchise in the fast casual market, now gives a reason to enjoy delicious waffles, any time of day–without the guilt.

“When enjoying stereotypical ‘breakfast’ foods for dinner, many people consider it a guilty pleasure,” says Pierre Vandamme, CEO and Co-founder of Bruges Waffles & Frites. “At Bruges, we say-why the guilt? Our proprietary recipes are meant to be enjoyed any time of day without guilt. Whether you stop in for breakfast, lunch or a late night snack, Bruges waffles will tantalize your taste buds any time.”

Bruges restaurant chain has a goal to help customers experience a true European dining experience, where sitting down to enjoy a meal in the company of friends and family is one of the highlights of the day. When in Europe, do as the Europeans do. When at Bruges, enjoy waffles day or night!

Creating a unique dining experience for all customers is a top priority at Bruges. Their waffles are made from fresh, unprocessed ingredients and are prepared and served in a warm, friendly atmosphere. When you step into Bruges, you will feel like you stepped right into Europe.

Bruges Waffles & Frites was born in 2002 when Belgian natives Pierre Vandamme and Philippe Wyffels met and recreated the famous Liège waffle they remembered from their youth. They introduced their creation to the farmers market in downtown Salt Lake City, and response was phenomenal. Soon, raving reviews began popping up online, drawing more customers to taste the authentic waffles. By 2009, the company opened its first year-round restaurant location in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City and expanded the menu to include Belgian frites (fries). The company has since opened an additional three Utah locations, and is now looking to expand into the American west as a restaurant franchise opportunity.

For more information on franchising opportunities with Bruges Waffles & Frites, visit:

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