Restaurant Industry Trends Show Negative Connotations Associated with ‘Fast Food’

Fast food franchises


The old cliche ‘the only thing constant in life is change,’ has proven true in the restaurant industry lately. With the introduction of fast casual restaurants, franchise chains that were once referred to as fast food are beginning to rebrand and change their image as the term now has negative connotations attached to it. Whether they now refer to themselves as ‘fast-crafted, ‘fine casual’ or even ‘fan food,’ restaurant industry trends show that fast food franchises are on the downfall.


Change is in the Air

This need to rebrand has affected even the largest fast food chains. McDonald’s has launched their new “Create Your Taste” burgers where the customer is able to choose what goes on their burger, and have it served to them in a basket often seen at sit down restaurants. Arby’s has coined the term ‘fast crafted’ to convey the message that while they are still fast, they provide the made-special-for-you feel. Del Taco is positioning themselves as a quick-service-plus restaurant, and Dairy Queen’s newest tagline is “Fan Food, Not Fast Food.”


Consumers Crave Consistency

With all the change in the restaurant industry, Bruges Waffles & Frites remains the same. We entered the market with a variety of authentic menu options, made from fresh ingredients with the purpose of meeting the needs of our consumers. Our authentic Liege waffles are made to order, and our Belgian frites are made fresh with every ordered. Our other menu items are made from scratch with high quality ingredients.

At Bruges, you can count on an ambiance that practically transports you through time for an authentic European dining experience you will not soon forget. Our restaurants all have bits of Belgian culture woven into the decor, with pictures of the famous statue Manneken Pis and authentic Belgian comic art. We truly believe in the European dining experience–where food is meant to be enjoyed in the company of family and friends.

While other fast food franchises scramble to give the customer what they want, Bruges continue to do what we do best: serving authentic Belgian specialties and ensuring our customers have the best dining experience possible.

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