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As we enter into the restaurant franchising industry, we realize the impact that customer reviews can have on a person’s decision to purchase a restaurant franchise location. While we are thankful for the local and national media attention we have received over the years, we know it is our loyal fans that help drive our business. We gathered some of our favorite reviews found on various online review platforms to give you the bigger picture of what our customers are saying about the current Bruges Waffles & Frites locations._DSC2026


“Waffles were the best I have ever had and even though I live 800 miles away I will be back for more.”–Chris

“I wish I had stopped by here earlier. I could eat French Toast or Waffles every day of the week… especially if the waffles taste like Bruges waffles!” –-Marcus

“Saw this place on Man vs Food and had to check it out. It did not disappoint, the food was awesome! The Machine Gun Sandwich is a must for first time visitors.”–Carlos

“The only thing I ate at Bruges was the machine gun sandwich…it has been months since that meal and I still get pleasure from thinking about it.” –-Benjamin

“Bruges has the best waffles you have ever had. After eating here I will never eat waffles anywhere else!” — Brendan

“The Machine Gun sandwich is addicting, and their aioli is top notch.”–Jared



“Good food and service, especially for such a popular place.” — SLC Diner

_DSC1683“ Machine Gun Sandwich Take the best day of your life, and put it in a bun! Unbelievable!! Hands down, best complemented meal I’ve ever had! I have found my favorite meal out there.”— Kyle

“The fries are amazing. Gotta love the twice-fried thing.” –Diner for SLC

“Save your stomach space for their waffles! For those who have never had a real Belgian waffle, this is not the waffle you get at IHOP. I had mine filled with melted chocolate on the inside and it was heaven!” –True Food Junkie

“Bruges Waffles and Frites is an absolutely heavenly experience.”--Diner from SLC


“The best, most awesomeness, wonderfully delicious Belgian Waffles on the planet.” –Bill SDSC_6333

“Here you can order anything and it’s sure to be absolutely amazing. You’ll definitely love it!”–Kaeman

“One liege waffle with strawberries and creme fraiche please. SO DELICIOUS. If you go here- this is seriously all you need to order.” –Anita

“We got a waffle with cookie spread with strawberries and whipped cream. I swear angels were dancing on my tongue.”--Alyse

“If you have never tasted real Liege Waffles, then you have to come here and try them, they are absolutely amazing!” –Kay S.

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