Q&A on Building a New Kind of Franchise Community


You have questions? We’ve got answers! Here are the common questions people ask about opening one of the best restaurant franchises available with Bruges Waffles & Frites.

Q: What sets Bruges apart from other fast-casual restaurants in the market?
A: Bruges offers a new approach to fast-casual dining with recipes that create instant fans. While we offer a unique and authentic menu, our focus is on overall customer experience from the moment they smell our mouth-watering recipes to the moment they leave happy.

Q: How is your franchise model set up? How does it compare to the best restaurant franchises out there?
A: We do franchising differently by offering our franchise owners a more collaborative culture than seen elsewhere. We are community-oriented focusing both on the neighborhoods we serve and on our family of franchise owners. We want to build a community where ideas are shared and people mutually benefit from each other’s successes.

Q:Where did the idea for Bruges come from?
A: Bruges is the Belgian town in which founder, Pierre Vandamme grew up in. Later in life, he met fellow Belgian Philippe Wyffels in Salt Lake City, and they shared childhood memories of the sights and flavors of the city. Together, they set out to perfect the Liège waffle they cherished as children and share it with their community.

Q: Where is Bruges Waffles & Frites located?
A: The company currently operates three stores across Utah and is offering franchise opportunities in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, and Oregon.

Bruges Fast Casual Restaurant Opportunity TerritoriesQ: What does the Bruges brand represent?
A: As we offer truly Belgian cuisine, we are firmly committed to the European approach to food, which starts with unprocessed ingredients, special recipes, and indulgent flavors—all meant to be savored in the presence of family and friends. We are devoted to sustainability and aim for a positive work environment, complete with first class training, open communication, and accountability.

Q: What training and support is offered to new franchisees?
A: We offer a support system to all franchisees so that as we grow, our values and culture stays strong. New franchise owners can look forward to “a Day in Bruges” visit to our headquarters, training at “Bruges Academy,” store opening on-site support, marketing plans that are customized to your territory, ongoing trainings through support calls, webinars and in-services, and a franchise intranet that is packed with exciting resources.

Q: What qualities are needed to be a successful Bruges franchise owner?
A: We are seeking individuals who want to be owner/operators at their franchise. Successful owners must be driven by both personal and financial achievements, be comfortable in fast-paced environments and active in the local community. Experience in business with leadership skills are important, along with a clean background check, strong credit score, and a financially sound foundation.

If you are ready to be a part of one of the best restaurant franchises available today, visit the Bruges franchise discovery center now!

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