Prospect Profile

You’ve decided a franchise restaurant is your next big adventure. Now what? How do you decide which opportunity is right for you, and whether to purchase an established, well known franchise, or a newer concept? Being successful as the first franchisee in a new system will depend on a few key attributes.

The True Entrepreneur-The Leader

Are you comfortable with forging the way for others and being more of a leader than a follower? If so, you have a true entrepreneurial spirit and may be suited to be the first in a franchise system. This type of person is willing to take on more risk, deal with fluidity and unseen circumstances, and be ok with trial-and-error during the business development process.

The Mentor

As the first in a franchise restaurant system, you are not only learning how the system is designed to work, but in many ways, you are helping to develop it further. Because of this, you will become an expert in many aspects of the business and be able to serve as a mentor to franchisees who join later. Are you comfortable with teaching, training and helping others develop their business?

The Team Player

First franchisees in a system have more opportunities to give feedback for how the system is working. You will play a large role with the franchisor in developing the franchise model for those who come later. Are you a team player who works well with others?

The Communicator

Mistakes can happen in any business. Candid communication between franchisor and franchisee will play a huge role in the success of the franchising model. Are you able to communicate clearly even when times are tough?

The Passionate Owner

In the early days of a franchise model, it may be important to remember the reasons you got into this business. Being passionate and committed to the company’s products, services, and values will help you push through any rough patches that may arise while you build the business. Are you able to see a light at the end of the tunnel by remembering your passion?

Do You Have What it Takes?

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