Philippe Wyffels, Co-Founder

Philippe Wyffels is co-CEO of Bruges Franchising and co-founder of Bruges Waffles & Frites. He brings a wealth of experience to his role as leader in the development of Bruges franchise restaurant locations. He has nearly 30 years of experience in franchising, including as a franchisor, as a franchisee, and as a franchise consultant training franchises on best practices for growth in their industries.

Prior to founding Bruges, Mr. Wyffels held major financial roles for a diverse range of companies including startups, mergers, diversification, and international expansions. His franchise experience dates back to 1986 when he introduced business format franchising to Yazigi Internexus as a means for growing the company. Under his leadership, the franchise doubled in size, and was awarded the “Seal of Quality” from the Brazilian Franchise Association several years running. It is now recognized as one of the best franchises in the country.

As a franchisee, Mr. Wyffels owned and operated an executive training franchise, which he introduced into the Brazilian market, training hundreds of executives in management systems throughout the country. He concurrently served as a franchise consultant for WCA Franchising, a consulting practice committed to teaching businesses to use business format franchising as a growth strategy.

After years of running a successful franchise business, Mr. Wyffels accepted the position of Vice President of Business Development with Yazigi Internexus, a franchisor of language centers. His past experiences with franchising enabled him to double the sales volume over a two-year period, and spearhead the expansion of the franchise in South America. Later, when the company merged with a U.S. chain, Wyffels stayed on as CEO.

In 2002, Mr., Wyffels met fellow Belgian native Pierre Vandamme, and the two recreated the famous Liège waffles they each remembered from their childhoods in Belgium. Bruges Waffles & Frites was born when they set out to share their creation in the local farmers market of Salt Lake City, Utah. Since that time, the brand has opened four Utah restaurants, and is now offering franchise restaurant opportunities throughout the western U.S.

Philippe is known for his intense work ethic, hands-on attitude, and commitment to continued learning. His compelling communication style has motivated hundreds of teams to be successful in their various industries.