The Bruges Story

Pierre Vandamme grew up in the charming town of Bruges, Belgium surrounded by the flavorful and aromatic cuisine prepared by his grandmother. In 2002, he met fellow Belgian, Philippe Wyffels in Salt Lake City, Utah. As the two reminisced about their childhoods in Belgium, they longed for the authentic tastes and artisanal flavors of the old world cuisine, and set out to recreate the famous Liège waffle. Once they perfected the recipe, they began sharing it with Salt Lake City’s farmers market where they realized even more the demand for authentic cuisine.
From that point on, the brand grew and now owns four Utah restaurant locations, as well as the Bruges Waffle Bus. Now, it’s time to share the authentic brand with New Mexico through our franchise restaurant opportunities!

Not Simply Waffles

Though our story began as simply waffles, we have expanded our menu to include Belgian Frites, handmade dipping sauces, waffle sandwiches, on-the-go treats, and other Belgian specialties. Just as our food transports our customers back to a simpler time, our approach to restaurant franchising is all about simplicity.

Simply Delicious & Authentic Menu Items. From our waffles to our signature Machine Gun Sandwich, our menu items are all authentic creations that offer an exciting alternative to fast food options.

European Dining Simplicity. European culture says dining experiences are meant to be enjoyed with family and friends. Each Bruges franchise restaurant will bring a bit of European culture to your New Mexico town.

Simplified Franchising Model Based on Values. Our commitment to uncompromising quality, authenticity, and creating a unique European dining experience are ones that must be shared by our franchise partners.
Simply Amazing Support. Our support team will provide assistance in every aspect of your restaurant business with a personalized approach to give our franchise partners a powerful edge over others.

Become a Partner with Bruges

Our simple approach to franchising is more than a dream! If you are curious to learn more about how to bring a bit of Europe to your New Mexico community, we invite you to learn more about Bruges through our online discovery center. Can you smell the waffles?