Once Upon A Time…

In a land not too far away, two Belgian natives came together to recreate the famous Liège waffle they remembered from their youth. Together they began to share their creation at the local farmers market, and were an instant hit!

Many years passed, and with them came the opening of four restaurant locations in Utah, a larger menu, raving fans, and media attention from around the world.

As our story continues, we are seeking to become one of the best restaurant franchises in our industry. To do this, we are offering opportunities for restaurant franchises across the American West. Help Bruges write the next chapter in our story by joining our family as a franchisee!

Meet the franchising masterminds behind the Bruges brand.

Philippe Wyffels, Co-Founder

Pierre Vandamme, Co-Founder

Gerry Carpenter, Director of Franchising

Chris Hoy, Operations Manager

Hadewich Van Vaerenbergh – Partner