Marketing Makes the Business World Go Round

amx8lfpCLAOHcjh7-y07J5nuE1l1OvkR6JP3IOvFI7sAs with any business, new restaurant franchises need a solid marketing plan to help get customers in the door. Luckily for Bruges, this is easy. Our ‘secret marketing recipe’ has one key ingredient: word of mouth. Our unique and authentic menu options get people talking both in person and online. Our flavorful options create an instant fan base of customers that come from all walks of life, spreading the word as they go. Encouraging the conversation with a proven marketing plan continues to spread the love of our brand.


Bruges Restaurant Franchises Share the Love

As a new business owner, one of the biggest questions on your mind will probably be, “How do I get customers?” Bruges knows that even though word of mouth is a great help, that alone is not enough to get a business rolling. While we appreciate all of our loyal fans and the kinds words they express, we also provide each new franchise owner with a proprietary step-by-step marketing plan that guides you on how to build your business from pre-opening to grand opening and beyond.

The plan includes directions on setting up your website, how to build your brand through social media, and downloadable marketing materials through our franchise intranet. A new franchise owner will receive their marketing plan after signing the franchise agreement and when they attend Bruges Academy.


Public Relations and the Restaurant Franchise

While your customers are you main ambassadors, when you are opening new restaurant franchises, it doesn’t hurt to have strong third party attention to help hype the business. Whether you seek attention from a local newspaper or a television station, food bloggers in your area, or radio stations, these are all great ways to continue to reach out to the community and invite them to experience your brand.

Bruges offers an experienced and professional marketing and PR team ready to help you build your business. We will provide you with all the elements necessary to get your business off the ground, and help your customers experience the unique ambiance a Bruges restaurant franchise provides.

If you can smell the waffles, get started learning more today by visiting our online discovery center.

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