How Opening a Franchise Creates Jobs & Boosts the Economy

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The franchise industry continuously outperforms traditional private businesses and it consistently boosts economic activity in the form of employment. Opening a franchise not only contributes goods and services to the economy, but it also provides jobs and employment to the workforce in your community.

New Jobs

Cities and unemployment rates are still trying to recover from the most recent recession, and franchises are helping fill that gap by providing new jobs. In 2015, franchise businesses added 376,000 jobs and franchise restaurants added 215,000 food service positions. When you hire locals looking for work in your restaurant franchise, you create a positive impact on employment in your area.

Jobs Mean Growth

Franchises are creating jobs at a growth rate of .4 – .5% higher than private employers which indicate a strong franchise industry. Such development can also mean success in terms of future sales and opportunities for higher wages. Take advantage of this profitable growth by joining the franchise family of Bruges Waffles and Frites which has already done the hard work of establishing a recognizable and trusted brand.

Funding For Franchising is Becoming More Accessible

With small businesses and franchises creating 60-80% of new jobs in the last ten years, increasing lending to franchise owners is on the government’s radar. Franchise businesses are poised to lead the economy into recovery, and proposals are being made to increase lending caps and loan dollar amounts, establish market-based loan pricing models, and preserve funds solely for business start-up and expansion.

Contribute to the economy and provide local employment by opening up your own franchise. Find out more information today about how you can open your own Bruges Waffles and Frites franchise with little to no experience at an affordable start-up rate.


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