Hadewich Van Vaerenbergh, Partner

Hadewich Van Vaerenbergh is a partner within the Bruges Waffles & Frites restaurant franchise family. As a partner, her responsibilities include assisting with strategic marketing plans, defining both the brand and values of the brand, and defining the standards of future restaurant franchise locations in terms of the interior look and feel.

Hadewich was born and raised in Aalst, Belgium and spent her college years in Ghent, where she studied language and communication. After graduating, she went on to work as an administrative assistant for the small company, Wereldhave, where her focus was assisting customers and ensuring they felt welcome and were given the technical support they needed. Hadewich later moved on to work for VPK where she was responsible for maintenance of the company website, and customer service.

Hadewich and her family moved to the U.S. in 2010, which has proven to be a good decision for the family. She now enjoys the diversity of her responsibilities with Bruges that  range from corresponding with customers and providing excellent service, to maintaining the brand’s social media campaigns, and even working on the Bruges Waffle Bus. Hadewich is also in charge of coordinating catering and Waffle Bus events. She believes in indulging clients in every way possible, and ensures their experience with Bruges exceeds their expectations.