Great Minds Think Alike: Bruges Restaurant Franchising and Apple Both Use Belgian Comics as Decor in New Locations

imagesApple’s newest store location in Brussels, Belgium will feature comics by local artists from the area. Since Belgium is famous for its comic art, it makes perfect sense to integrate that culture into the store’s design. Apple recruited 20 artists and requested that each tell their own story about Brussels through a series of five images to help visually represent the new store location.


One of the artists featured in the store’s design said, “I don’t draw because I’m an illustrator, I draw because I like the power of illustrations to tell my stories.” Though the comic culture in Brussels is old, it is also very active. It is a challenge to walk through the streets of the city without being confronted by comic art. Artists young and old have the power to tell their stories through these illustrations, and hope that others who view them will find a piece of themselves in the artwork.


Apple featuring authentic Belgian comics in their store design is proof that great minds think alike. Bruges Waffles & Frites recently opened its newest restaurant location in Draper, Utah. The store, which will serve as a prototype for future restaurant franchises, also features comic artwork by Belgian artist Adrien Noterdaem. By featuring this artwork, we hope to add to the true European dining experience by incorporating Belgian culture into the look and feel of the restaurant.



Noterdaem is best known for his “Simpsonized” series where he turns celebrities, TV and movie characters into animated versions as they would look on the Simpson’s series. As an illustrator, Noterdaem also works as an art director in the advertising and digital communication world.
Bruges is currently offering restaurant franchising opportunities to entrepreneurial minded individuals in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon and Washington.  To learn more about our company, visit our online discovery center.

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