French Fry Taste Test: Which Restaurant Franchise Features the Best Fries?

_DSC1842Bruges Waffles & Frites recently competed in a french fry taste test alongside four other restaurant franchises. The study was conducted by a third party company and sent participants as secret shoppers to some of the most popular franchises that serve fries in the Salt Lake City region. Participants were asked to taste the fries at each franchise, and fill out a short questionnaire about their experience at each franchise. Questions on the survey included:

  • How long you waited between paying and receiving your fries
  • Which location was visited
  • How much was paid for a small order of fries
  • How the fries were prepared


And then a rating system for:

  • The aroma
  • Presentation
  • Color
  • Overall flavor
  • Saltiness
  • Texture (inside and out)
  • Consistency
  • Separation
  • Temperature
  • Length
  • Serving size
  • Value
  • Variety/flavors of condiments offered
  • Size and shape of fries
  • The overall rating of the restaurant’s fries


And the Winner Is…

The five restaurant franchises studied in this survey included Apollo Burger/Crown Burger, Bruges Waffles & Frites, Five Guys, Habit Burger, and Smashburger. Of the categories listed above, Bruges Waffles & Frites came out the winner in ten categories including:


  • Best Overall Flavor
  • Best Aroma
  • Best Presentation
  • Best Variety of Condiments
  • Best Flavor of Condiments
  • Best Exterior Texture
  • Top Overall Rating
  • Only Restaurant Franchise Not Under Salted
  • Only One With Ideal Consistency (Dry vs. Oily)
  • Best in Ideal Color


While our price point and waiting time between paying and receiving fries was a little higher than the other restaurant franchises involved in the study, every order is made-to-order and prepared fresh when the order is placed to give the customer the freshest frites possible.


Bruges Reactions to the Results

As one of the hottest restaurant franchises in the fast-casual market, Bruges is pleased with the results of this study. Our frites are authentic Belgian fries that are different from any other on the market–as proven by this study. Our proprietary recipes are continuing to create a raving fan base, and help us to grow our brand further.
To learn more about the delicious and authentic Belgian Frites served daily by Bruges, and the opportunity for restaurant franchises with our family, visit our online discovery center!

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