Franchise Restaurants French Fry Taste Test Results

_DSC1868_edited-1While we are thrilled with the outcome of a recent franchise restaurants french fry taste test, even better are the comments that were received.

The french fry taste test was conducted by a third party, and asked secret shoppers to visit five of the most popular franchise restaurants in Utah and rate their fries based on flavor, presentation, color, temperature, and serving size. Secret shoppers were also asked to record how long they were waiting between when they placed their order and received their fries, to find out how the restaurants prepared their fries as well as how much was paid for a small order of fries.

The franchise restaurants studied in this survey were Apollo/Crown Burger, Bruges Waffles & Frites, Five Guys Burgers & Fries, Habit Burger, and Smashburger. In this study, Bruges won best overall flavor, aroma, presentation and came out on top for the taste and variety of dipping sauces/condiments offered. We also had the highest overall rating of all the participating restaurant franchises studied.


Not Your Average Fry

Bruges prides ourselves on creating authentic Belgian frites that are unlike any other fries you have ever tasted. Our frites are fried twice to create the perfect taste and texture every time. Here is what those who participated in the study had to say about Bruges:

“Excellent customer service. Very friendly and didn’t feel rushed to place my order.”

“Love the selection of sauce. The curry sauce was very tasty. They were crisp and hot, and  overall very good.”

“Great fries, but the price is a bit steep.”

“Love the ambiance! We couldn’t resist ordering a waffle after we finished our fries. Love the choice of sauces.”

“My receipt was in French which was kind of fun although unintentional–they apologized. Fries were beautifully presented!”

“Delicious, and fun to try different sauces!”

“Friendly, helpful, and the fries were soooo good!!!”


Belgian Indulgence

Though our price point is a little higher than other restaurant franchises, and our wait time was a bit longer than others surveyed, when you order frites at Bruges, you are getting authentic, fresh–never frozen–frites that are made when you order. We believe this makes it worth the wait!
If you have been weighing pros and cons that different restaurant franchises offer, don’t overlook Bruges restaurant franchise opportunity. We have recently expanded our available states to include most of the western United States. We invite all interested in restaurant franchising to learn more about our unique and authentic Belgian franchise on our online discovery center, and join us in our goal of becoming one of the nation’s top restaurant franchises.

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