For The Love of Waffles: Bruges Restaurant Franchising Celebrates National Waffle Week

DSC_6395Waffles have become one of the most beloved foods of all time–and not just for breakfast! Because they are so loved, waffles have a whole week dedicated to celebrating their beginnings. How did you celebrate waffle week? Bruges Waffles & Frites kicked off the week with the grand opening of our newest Utah location in Draper!


Waffle Eating Contest

In connection with our grand opening, Bruges hosted a Waffle Monster® eating contest! Contestants scared off their appetites by competing to see who could eat two of our signature Waffle Monsters® the quickest! The prize for taking down the monster challenge? One free waffle a week for a whole year! We were honored to have KSL news reporter Haley Smith as one of the participants in our eating contest. While Haley thought this would be a “piece of waffle,” she found it harder than expected!


What’s So Great About Waffles?

Though waffles are thought of as mainly a breakfast food in America, they are an all day treat in Europe. Sold in street carts and eaten hot by hand, waffles are almost a staple in the European diet. Though there are many different types of waffles, Bruges’ Liège waffles are quickly stealing the hearts–and taste buds–of our customers!

According to legend, the chef of a prince who had requested a new pastry treat first created Liège Waffles. The chef experimented with dough and added pearl sugar that caramelizes when cooked. The smells that wafted through the air while cooking made the whole town fall in love, and the creation quickly became the waffle of choice.


Bruges Restaurant Franchising

Bruges began when co-founders Pierre Vandamme and Philippe Wyffels set out to recreate the Liège waffle they remembered from their youth. Once they achieved success, they began sharing it at the Salt Lake City Farmers Market. Bruges has since grown to include four restaurant locations, and is now offering franchise opportunities throughout the western U.S.

While eating waffles to celebrate National Waffle Week was fun, imagine smelling the waffles year-round with your own Bruges franchise! For more information visit our Discovery Center at

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