As the world’s oldest and largest franchise association, The International Franchise Association (IFA) promotes worldwide franchising. Members of IFA represent over 300 business categories  throughout the world. It comes as no surprise that the largest category represented is the food industry. Whether it’s pizza, frozen yogurt, or anything in between, when you choose to buy a food franchise, you are in for some competition.

Even the Best Restaurant Franchises Need a Little Competition

The IFA’s directory lists food franchises available broken down by category. According to their records, in the US alone, these food franchises are well represented:

Type of Food Number of Franchises in US**
Pizza 61
Burgers 53
Sandwich Shops 52
Ice Cream/Smoothies/Frozen Yogurt 51
Belgian Food 1

**While there are hundreds of franchises that are not members of the IFA, these statistics are based on those who are.

What Does it Take to Be Among the Best Restaurant Franchises?

When you think of ordering a pizza, chances are chains like Pizza Hut, Papa John’s or even Little Caesar’s come to mind. For a good burger, maybe you’d stop at McDonald’s or Wendy’s. And for sandwiches, Subway, Quizno’s and Jimmy John’s might be at the top of the list. Why choose these restaurant franchises over others? It comes down to brand recognition. When a brand is widely known, it is seen as more trustworthy.

To be among the best restaurant franchises, your brand must somehow stand out from the competition. Individuals who are budget conscious may choose Little Caesars as their pizza option due to their $5 Hot-n-Ready special. Families with young children may choose McDonald’s over Wendy’s due to the availability of a play place for the kids. Offices wanting to order sandwiches for lunch may choose Jimmy John’s due to their “freaky fast” delivery service. These are all examples of how restaurants have distinguished themselves from the competition.
According to the franchisees of the best restaurant franchises, the franchisor also provides extensive training and support throughout the life of the franchise relationship.

Why Choose Bruges?

Bruges Waffles & Frites is the hottest new concept in the fast-casual restaurant franchise industry. While it is a new concept, it is the only franchise offering Belgian comfort foods, making it an instantly recognizable brand. We specialize in serving authentic Belgian specialties which is how we distinguish ourselves from other restaurants.

As a franchisor, we are approaching franchising differently than most. We believe in a collaborative culture where franchisees are encouraged to share their innovations and ideas and learn from one another. Our support team is experienced, knowledgeable and friendly and will be there to support you every step of the way.

If you are considering opening a food franchise in the western US, and want to break through the competition, be the first to bring a bit of Europe to your town. Learn more about our franchise opportunity through our online discovery center.