European Culture Groups Prevalent in Nevada

DSC_8095As Bruges restaurant franchises prepare to move into Nevada communities, we are proud to see the prevalence of other French and European groups within the state. Bruges shares values and culture with many of these groups and is happy to see the culture alive and thriving within the state. Here are a few that we are excited to work with as we bring a bit of European culture to Nevada:

L’Academie Franciphone de Las Vegas

As a nonprofit 501(c) 3 institution, L’Academie Franciphone de Las Vegas encourages Las Vegas residents to “French up their life” by acting as a French language and cultural organization to locals. The Academie offers classes that help adults who are planning a trip to France, polishing their French skills or even exploring the language for the first time. They also are the hosts of other local events including French movie nights, French breakfasts, picnics, and music festivals. For event information visit:

The Reno French Language Conversation Group

No matter your age or skill level, this conversation group meets once a month to encourage French language skills, help you build your vocabulary and meet friends. Planning a trip to France and hoping to place a perfect order at a five star restaurant? This group is a good place to start. For more information or to stay up-to-date on events:

French Quarter in Las Vegaslas vegas sign

For the culture lover in you, the French Quarter online magazine sponsors monthly meetings to help those planning on traveling to Francophone countries and practice French speaking skills outside the classroom. The group’s mission is to help you make friends and improve your speaking abilities as you discover new and interesting people and cultural values. For more information:

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