Draper Location of Bruges Waffles and Frites Opens Big, Delights Customers

Opening of new location gives restaurant franchise a little Belgian magic

OCTOBER 23, 2015 (DRAPER, UT) – With the opening of the Draper location of Bruges, Waffles and Frites, residents at the south end of the Salt Lake Valley are excited to have a little unique, home-grown restaurant come to their backyard. So excited, in fact, that the new location opened to long lines and a constant stream of people coming to try out the legendary Belgian Liege Waffles.

“I’ve been to the downtown location many times,” said Rosa Mientes a resident of Draper who attended opening day at the restaurant. “This is fantastic. The food is so unique and interesting, plus it’s not something you have every day. I always like to joke that I feel like Belgian tonight instead of Mexican and now that the new location is here, I can go whenever I want!”

Steve Johannsen of Draper, felt the same way. “Having a restaurant of this caliber, with the quality of food, right near our house means that I finally have a place to go that isn’t fast-food or a chain restaurant. And since there are so precious few interesting places to eat, I can’t wait to start eating at Bruges regularly. Besides, I love waffles.”

Pierre VanDamme, owner and founder of Bruges, Waffles and Frites says that everyone seemed to enjoy themselves quite a bit. “We were packed for most of the day, but I didn’t hear much in the way of complaining. In fact, most everyone I talked to said that they would wait in line for this kind of food if it meant they could get it on a regular basis. That’s very gratifying to hear because as a restaurateur, all you’re hoping for is that people have a good time and they enjoy their food. And, the better the food, the more people will enjoy their time with us. It’s that simple really.”

Even the kids got in on the act. Colin Parker, age 7, said of the new restaurant, “it’s cool. I like the waffles. They were really good.” Mom Heather said that it’s nice to have a family friendly restaurant that serves good food everyone can enjoy. “I know that if we come here, we can all find something we like and my kids can get food that’s well prepared and not something out of a box or a drive-thru.”

“One of the best things about working at Bruges is that this is a really great environment,” said Emily Smith, one of the employees at the restaurant. “It’s so nice to work with good people who want to serve the public, but also to have the opportunity to serve so many people who love Belgian cuisine—it’s amazing. I’m just glad that everything has worked out so far.”

It has indeed worked out and now Bruges, Waffles and Frites is turning its restaurant into a franchise that can delight and surprise people everywhere with it’s excellent service and unique, top-of the line food that will melt tastebuds.

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