Don’t Just Build a Culture, Build a Family – Tips To Build the Culture of Your Franchise


Creating and maintaining a strong culture based on the values, principles, and mission of your franchise is a strong tool to instill a sense of purpose and inspiration for your employees. These tips can help you build a company culture that transforms your business into a family.

It All Starts with a Charismatic Leader

Franchise leaders set the tone for all franchisees and employees. Set the example for the culture you want to create within your franchise through every interaction you have with your employees. Articulate the philosophy in every visit, every speech, and every letter you share with your staff and they will have the confidence to follow in your footsteps.

There is No Mission without a Mission Statement

Create a mission statement that captures every essence of your organization and make it known in every store through training, documentation, and even decorations on the wall. Make it fun, make it factual, and make it speak to the feelings you want to cultivate from within and spread to the public.

Put “Family” First

Cultural fit of your franchisees and employees is so important to the success of your business. Build a culture around positive and agreeing ideals; one toxic person could ruin the whole atmosphere. When you join Bruges Waffles and Frites you join a warm and welcoming family dedicated to the community both internally and externally.

It Starts with Training and Never Ends

Effective franchises begin imparting these cultural expectations on the first day of training. Use this opportunity to begin your franchise by conveying a strong message about your company culture through relatable stories and unforgettable legends. Train your franchise network to be more than a bunch of people using a common brand like the training you receive when joining Bruges.

Set the cultural tone and continually communicate that culture in every action you take and express it to every partner with whom you collaborate. Give your employees a purpose through fulfillment and recognition and they will give back to your franchise and the community tenfold. To learn more about starting your own franchise family, visit Bruges Waffles and Frites.


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