Consumers Knocking Down Doors for Ethnic Cuisine Options Fast Casual Franchising Restaurants Are the Ones to Open the Door

_DSC1599The growing consumer demand for culturally diverse food options has paved the way for many fast casual franchising restaurants to open their doors. What has come to be known as “The Chipotle Effect” is allowing ethnic food to be introduced to consumers in a way that reduces the risk of trying new things as customization is a key factor in the concept of these restaurants.

The fast casual restaurant industry has seen an influx of ethnic cuisine including Mexican, Asian, Indian, Chinese, Korean, French, and now Belgian. The hottest new concept in cultural and authentic food in the fast-casual restaurant industry is Bruges Waffles & Frites, an authentic Belgian restaurant franchise.

“Bruges is bringing a bit of Europe to America by introducing customers to the European dining experience,” said Philippe Wyffels, Belgian native and co-founder of Bruges Waffles & Frites. “Europeans believe that food is meant to be relished in the company of family and friends, and that dining should be a complete experience-not a rushed meal between errands. At Bruges, it’s about more than just waffles. We introduce our customers to a whole new view of food.”

_DSC2026Bruges features authentic Belgian waffles and frites, and is entering the market as a culturally diverse option that stands apart from mass produced and processed options. With the demand for ethnic options ever rising, Bruges is there to answer and welcome customers to a whole new dining experience.

Bruges Waffles & Frites has captured media attention since its beginning in 2002. Their specialty waffles and sandwiches have been featured on travel channel’s “Man V. Food,” and received several awards locally and nationally. The chain started when co-founders Philippe Wyffels and Pierre Vandamme recreated the Liège waffle they remembered from their youth and began sharing it within their new Salt Lake City community. The result was an instant hit with fans, and the two now run four successful Utah locations.

The restaurant chain is seeking to expand in the Mountain West region, and is currently seeking franchisees in select communities in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, Washington, and Oregon. If you or someone you know is ready to join the Bruges family, visit for more information.

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