Colorado Welcomes European Culture Groups

Belgium-FlagColorado Welcomes European Culture Groups

Bruges franchise restaurants are coming to Colorado, but we are not the first bit of European culture to come to the state. We are happy to see the Franco/Belgian culture thriving in the state, and look forward to being involved in the community with several of these organizations.

The Colorado Springs French Language Meetup Group

Enjoy once a month meet ups with a diverse group of people from different backgrounds with a variety of speaking skills. The environment of this group is friendly and helpful to those who are just learning. For more information on this group, or the meetup venue and date, visit:

Cherry Creek French Group

Looking for a good conversation in French? This group meets weekly to practice language skills and encourage those who are new to enhance their vocabulary. For more information on meetups, visit:

Denver Metro French Table

From French newbie to fluent extraordinaire, this group welcomes French speakers of all ages to come, engage in a French conversation and hone their French speaking skills. All are welcome to come and be involved with this stellar group! For information on meetups, visit:

appropiate-productsCafe Francais

This group is not for beginners! The group meets to practice their skills at a faster pace, but are also willing to help beginners at other times. For more information on meetups or how you can receive help on your French skills, visit:

Bruges franchise restaurants are excited to see the activities of these and many other groups happening in Colorado communities. We can’t wait to open our first franchise locations in your communities so we can welcome your groups to meet over authentic Belgian waffles!

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