Colorado and Bruges: An Opportunity Too Sweet to Turn Down

a-premium-productOne of the many things Colorado is known for is being the only state in history to turn down the opportunity to host the Olympics. In 1976, 62% of Denver voters answered negatively when asked about their feelings toward hosting the global sporting event. Due to resident concerns, the city politely turned down the chance. But now, Bruges Waffles & Frites is offering a breakfast franchise opportunity that is literally too sweet to turn down.

Four Corners… Or Five Places?

Pierre Vandamme is a Belgian native that spent his childhood savoring the authentic, rich and flavorful cuisine customary to the old world. Upon meeting fellow Belgian, Philippe Wyffels in Salt Lake City, the two set out to recreate the cuisine they remembered from their youth that is no longer found among today’s mass produced options. Once they had successfully reinvented the Liège waffle, they set out on a journey to share it with their new community. The demand for their delicious waffles was strong, and soon they opened a restaurant location in downtown Salt Lake City. Before they knew it, two more locations had opened, and now they are offering restaurant franchise opportunities in Colorado. This opportunity is literally too sweet to turn down!

The authentic cuisine offered by the franchise will have your customers feeling as if they stepped into Europe. The question is if you take a Liège waffle to the infamous four corners, will you actually be in five places at once?


Cheeseburgers, Chickens, Rodeo and… Waffles?

Colorado is known for many things- among them, cheeseburgers, Mike the Headless Chicken day, and world-famous rodeos. How do waffles fit in with these?


Colorado already claims invention of the cheeseburger, as a Denver native was awarded the trademark in 1935. Why not build on that legacy, and add claim to the first Bruges Waffles & Frites franchise location?

Headless Chicken Day

Mike the chicken had his head cut off by a farmer and lived another four years headless. Along with celebrating Mike’s long and unusual life, residents of Colorado can now celebrate “Waffle Day,” or the day that Bruges franchising came to town. Who can resist a whole day dedicated to the glorious tastes of authentic Belgian waffles?

Western Stock Show

The world’s largest rodeo held annually in Denver brings with it an influx of visitors, all seeking dining experiences that rival the rodeo they came for. Bruges’ waffles and frites are not limited to time of day, or occasion and would make a perfect pair for rodeo fans.

If you can smell the waffles and agree that bringing an authentic European dining experience to your Colorado community is too sweet of an opportunity to turn down, we invite you to explore our online discovery center for answers to your questions.

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