Chris Hoy, Operations Manager

Chris serves as the Operations Manager of Bruges Franchising, and joined the team in November 2014. Prior to joining the Bruges family, he worked for 9 years as the Head Baker for Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, UT. Mr. Hoy has 18 years of experience in the foodservice industry combining management and production responsibilities. His duties with Bruges franchise restaurants include overseeing franchisee onboarding, training, and support.

Mr. Hoy attended the University of Hawaii Culinary Arts program where he learned about international cuisine, food safety and sanitation as well as the importance of customer service. He gained experience with both food prep and customer service through internship opportunities at Manele Bay Hotel in Lanai, Hawaii, and The Agana Beach Hotel in Guam. He later continued his education at the University of Utah.

After coming to the continental states, Mr. Hoy worked for bread companies including Caralee and Panera; where he managed the from-scratch production of breads and pastries, trained new bakers, and supervised the setup and organization of a new bakery outlet. From there he continued to develop his baking skills at both Sundance and Snowbird Ski Resorts in Utah, Hy-Vee Bakery, and Family Restaurant Concepts.
As an artisan baker, Mr. Hoy appreciates the authentic and delicious recipes which Bruges franchise restaurants make on a daily basis.