5 Attributes Shared By Millionaires Under 50

Ten years ago the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported a historic high in new businesses and job creation: more than 700,000 business establishments were “born” in 2006 alone. Though this monumental peak experienced a brief fall-off in 2010, the past five years have seen entrepreneurship grow at a remarkably staggering rate.

In 2015, the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor study found that 27 million working-age Americans were either starting or running a new business. This trend has since continued its growth in 2016 and is expected to keep increasing in coming years.  

If you are one of the millions of people turning to entrepreneurship as an attractive career option, it might be helpful to better understand what personality traits are best suited to this path. Below are five attributes of young, successful millionaires who have grown their business from the ground up.


  1. They Balance The Fine Line Of Successful Thinking

  2. Most young entrepreneurs are able to walk a fine line between competing mindsets in order to approach and overcome challenges. Convergent thinking, for example, can help you knit together differing ideas when coming up with a more definitive solution to a problem. Alternatively, divergent thinking requires you to generate ideas, ask questions, and think outside the infamous box to find ways to improve your business. Successful millionaires know just how and when to use alternative thinking strategies to better the success of their business.

  3. They Capitalize On Strengths

  4. Most young, successful entrepreneurs are able to identify their strengths and weaknesses and build a network of support around those attributes. Business hopefuls who operate by the “do it yourself if you want it done right” mindset will inevitably fail because they simply don’t allow themselves to employ the strengths of others to help them succeed.

    Thus, in order to become a successful millionaire, you must be honest with yourself about which strengths you embody that could help your business grow. This can often be done by first identifying your weaknesses and harnessing a network of people who can counterbalance these voids. With the support of surrounding individuals, you can then focus 100% on your strengths and skills.

  5. The Know How To Balance Opposites

  6. The most successful millionaires are masters at understanding when and how to act; instead of being frantic about their work, these individuals are brimming with an energy and passion that they can keep under control. Instead of coming off as hyperactive and scatterbrained, successful entrepreneurs are able to use hard work, focus, and concentration as ways to drive company growth and inspire others.

    If you’re passionate about brainstorming, networking, and problem-solving, and if you find overcoming challenges incredibly satisfying, chances are you’ll also find gratification in being able to work seriously while doing what you love. It’s this trait that enables the most successful millionaires to continuously cross the meridian between work and play.

  7. They Never Say “I’ll Get To It Someday”

  8. This simple, common phrase – “I’ll get to it someday” – is largely responsible for so many unaccomplished goals and unmet dreams. This is also a phrase that most young millionaires never use. Instead, these talented individuals operate with an incessant sense of urgency and take full advantage of every opportunity thrown their way.

    It should be noted, too, that there is a fine line between being urgent and being frantic. Instead of being overly excited, unfocused, and unable to concentrate on a single task, as a prospective millionaire, you should be able to reach for new goals and ambitions with a sense of urgency and confidence that allows you to be opportunistic.

  9. They Are Proud And Humble

  10. Lastly, one of the biggest attributes that young millionaires share is their ability to take pride in their success without coming off as boastful or arrogant. In order to be truly prosperous as an entrepreneur, you have to take pride in your work while also acknowledging that your success would not have been made possible without the people who came before you or those who’ve helped you succeed in your journey.

Being humble also means that you know your success was not solely your own. Without the challenges and setbacks you encountered along the way, as well as the support and assistance of others, you wouldn’t have the lucrative business you have today.
If you’re tired of saying “I’ll get to it someday” and are ready to get your entrepreneurial dreams off the ground, learn how joining our franchise family can accelerate your success. As a leader in the franchise industry, Bruges Waffles and Frites knows just what it takes to help individuals launch the career of their dreams. Call us today to learn why Bruges is the best franchise fit for you.

Interested in Opening a Bruges Franchise? Here are the FAQs


Are you interested in owning your own business and opening a Bruges franchise in your area? Read the FAQs and find your answers so you can get on your way to being your own boss!

Why Should I Choose Bruges?

Since there are many franchise opportunities available, why should you choose Bruges? Simple. Our authentic Belgian waffles and frites already have a wide fan base of repeat customers. We are also really good at winning over new ones every day!

Our team is experienced, knowledgeable, and friendly. We strive for a collaborative partnership with our franchise owners. We are focused on our community and believe in doing things the right way. You’ll love being part of our family.

Is There a Franchise Opportunity in My Area?

We are currently seeking qualified candidates to open single franchises in locations that offer stable, continual growth. We are now offering prime territories in major metropolitan areas in the western US. Contact Bruges for more information.

How Much Does It Cost To Open a Bruges Restaurant?

To be considered for a Bruges franchise, you must meet a minimum net worth totaling more than $190k with $65k in liquid assets.

To open your franchise, you will need to invest between $171,000 and $283,000, plus initial working capital. Royalties and marketing fees also need to be paid and you can find more information on those when you visit our Discovery Center.

Bruges does not currently offer in-house financing. However, we are listed on the Franchise Registry and are pre-approved for lending. Contact your bank or credit union for more information on obtaining a business loan.

How Much Profit Can I Expect to Earn?

Your franchise’s profit will vary depending on the size of your restaurant, its location, your management skills, your work ethics, and your dedication. For specific performance information for our existing Bruges Waffles & Frites restaurants, visit the Discovery Center.

What Type of Training and Support Will I Get?

We have designed our franchise system to keep training and support strong as our brand continues to grow. We offer every franchisee:

  • A fun and informative “A Day in Bruges” pre-signing visit
  • A comprehensive onboarding program that includes both online and in-person instruction
  • Hands-on “Bruges Academy” operations training
  • Attentive on-site support for your Grand Opening
  • Customizable local marketing and public relations plans
  • Regularly scheduled support calls and webinars
  • Ongoing in-service training
  • A resource-rich franchise intranet
  • A responsive franchise helpdesk support team

I’m Ready to Apply. What Are the Steps to Bruges Ownership?

It’s easy to get on your way to Bruges ownership! Here are the steps:

Step 1: Visit our online discovery center to see if a Bruges franchise is a good fit for you.

Step 2: Complete a brief questionnaire to ensure you qualify.

Step 3: Receive and review the franchise disclosure document.

Step 4: Participate in a call with your Bruges Guide to get your questions answered.

Step 5: Join us for “A Day in Bruges” at our Salt Lake City headquarters.

Step 6: Finalize your territory and sign the franchise agreement.

Step 7: Register for Bruges Academy and begin preparing for your grand opening.
Are you ready to Join Our Family? Take an online tour of our Discovery Center or Go For It now!

Food Franchise Industry Report 2016: What You Need To Know


After hitting the web in early July, the 2016 Food Franchise Industry Report made waves in the world of fast food businesses. Not only has the fast food industry experienced significant growth in the past year, but the report also highlights that now is a better time than ever to invest in a food franchise – particularly those like Bruges Waffles and Frites, full-service franchises that specialize in bakery and breakfast items.

Below is a brief recap of the 2016 Food Franchise Industry Report.

What’s Trending?

When McDonald’s started serving breakfast all day in October 2015, they hoped to see their sales increase and their customer base boom; that’s exactly what they saw. In the first quarter of 2016 alone, the world-famous golden arches recorded an unprecedented 35% profit growth.

As exemplified by McDonald’s stunning turnaround after a two-year sales dip, consumers want more breakfast options despite the time of day. In fact, experts predict that breakfast and morning snack consumption are expected to grow by at least 5% over the next three years. Bruges Waffles & Frites has been serving breakfast since the business started in 2004. With over a dozen fresh-baked breakfast options available throughout the day, the Bruges Franchise is ahead of the all-day morning-cravings curb.

Full-service Franchises Expected To Find Success

Full-service franchise establishments are expected to experience a 6.3% growth in 2016 – in other terms, another 38,244 full-service franchises will join the industry by January 1, 2017. From casual family-style restaurants to upscale eateries, full-service franchises are the largest growing segment of the three core areas that make up 33% of the total franchise industry. As a community-favorite restaurant, Bruges’ offers everything from sweet, authentic Belgian waffles and warm, salty frites, to hardy waffle sandwiches and notorious Belgian cuisine. Diners are encouraged to enjoy their meal from the comfort of Bruges old world ambiance or wait amongst the aromas of melting butter and caramelizing sugar for a mouthwatering meal to-go – making Bruges the ideal full-service franchise.

Striving For Quick(er) Service

Along with full service and retail food franchises, the quick service – or fast food – franchise industry is a core element of total franchise establishments. Quick service restaurants (QSR) make up an estimated 20% of U.S. franchises and are expected to grow 1.5% in 2016. Unlike retail food franchises, QSRs typically offer customers delivery and take-out options that make immediate consumption possible. Some QSR franchises like Bruges Waffles & Frites also provide limited seating where guests can enjoy a warm, on-site meal.

Becoming A Franchisee

Overall, the 2016 Food Franchise Industry Report highlights that there is no better time than now to invest in a food franchise. As a full-service franchise that serves authentic Belgian breakfast foods, tasty sandwiches and more, Bruges is the ideal franchise to invest in. Contact us today to learn why Bruges Waffles & Frites is one of the fastest growing franchise opportunities and become part of our family, today!

Top 5 Things To Love About Bruges


Ask anyone who’s traveled to Belgium what their favorite city was and they’ll likely answer “Bruges!” With a reputation as one of the last untouched medieval towns and crowded streets that prove its booming tourist industry, Bruges offers a charming vibe that you simply cannot experience in other European hot spots like Paris, London, and Rome.

For Belgium native Pierre Vandamme, Bruges held such a special place in his heart that he decided to bring the exquisite tastes of western Europe to the mouths of those in the western U.S. The rich smells and flavors engrained in the Bruges culture and his grandmother’s old-world culinary creations inspired him to found Bruges Waffles & Frites, a traditional Belgian-eatery franchise with locations throughout Utah, Colorado, Arizona, Idaho and Nevada.

When planning your trip, be sure to include these five must-do’s on your itinerary and experience Bruges like Vandamme and other locals who’ve developed an unwavering passion for the cuisine, culture, and cobblestone streets that give the town it’s truly unforgettable charm.

  1. Take A Tour

  2. First and foremost, you need to get your bearings. Tour the city in style from the comfort of a horse-drawn carriage or float the quaint canals during a boat trip. The Legends of Bruges Walking Tour is perhaps the best way to get a true sense of the city if you’re up for a small jaunt. Bruges native, self-proclaimed historian, and tour guide Simon gives visitors riveting insight on important landmarks, city economy, and stoic symbolism while also offering chocolate and beer samples and daily discounts.

  3. Have Your Fill of Waffles and Frites (and much more!)

  4. One bite of an authentic Belgian waffle and you’ll understand why Vandamme desperately wanted to spread the tasteful joy to the U.S. Belgium is famous for four key staples: waffles, frites, beer, and chocolate – all of which are easy to find throughout the city. Instead of the sweet, breakfast-only item we have in the States, stop by a food truck for a true Bruges experience. These savory, hot-off-the-griddle waffles will give you a different idea of what a Belgian waffle is – and should be. Wash down your waffles and fries with one of many infamous beers at The Hobbit and stop by any of the corner chocolate shops to sample a Bruges delicacy.  


  5. Explore, Wander, and Wonder

  6. The medieval character makes Bruges a prime place to simply explore. Grab a coffee at li-o-lait  and head to one of four historical windmills or climb the twisting stairs of the Belfry Tower. Check out the Kantcentrum – or Lace Center – home of the renovated old lace school of the Sisters of the Immaculate Conception, and learn about the lace industry and lace education in an interactive way. If you find yourself around Oud Sint-Jan around 5 pm, be sure to catch the marvelous sounds produced by harpist Luc Van Laere as he offers a free concert Tuesday through Sunday.

  7. People Watch at the Markt

  8. Though known for people watching, the Markt is also the best place in the city to catch the last of the sun’s rays. Climb the steps of the Provincial Court and watch the sun set on Bruges narrow streets. Best of all, the Markt’s central location means you’ll have several unbeatable dining and drinking options just minutes away.

  9. Catch A Tune At the Concert Building

  10. Despite Bruges medieval facade, state-of-the-art architectural masterpieces like the Concert Building serve as a reminder of 2002, when the city was the Cultural Capital of Europe. From classical favorites to contemporary dance and everything in between, the Concert Building is a must-visit site when touring places that make Bruges so unique. Check out the event calendar to see what’s going on when you’re in town.

Still longing for a taste of Bruges after your trip? We understand. Find your nearest Bruges Waffles & Frites, and experience a little piece of Belgium heaven. No locations near you? Consider joining our franchise and spread the taste of Bruges in your community!

13 Reasons Waffles Are Better Than Pancakes

Waffles vs Pancakes


There’s no doubt that breakfast food is far superior to any other type of food in existence. Trying to argue otherwise would be a moot point. Today we want to talk waffles and pancakes and put to rest once and for all the age-old question of which is better. Because the answer is most clearly waffles. Every. Single. Time.

1. A Grid to Cut By

Have you ever seen a pancake with a built in guide that allows you to cut it into perfectly portioned sections? No. Because if you did, it would be a waffle.

2. Toppings

Pancakes are no match for waffles when toppings are thrown into the mix. Where syrup, fruit, and any other delicious toppers falls right off of a pancake, waffles can hold tightly to their toppers courtesy of the above-mentioned grid.

3. Bigger Is Better

Size-wise, it’s no contest—one waffle equates to at least two pancakes. And where pancakes tend to end up burned on the outside and gooey on the inside the bigger they get, waffles always maintain that perfect delicious golden brown exterior, with a light, fluffy interior. Yeah, our mouths are watering too just thinking about it.

4. All Food Wants to Be Served in Waffle Form

Waffle fries. Waffle cones. Need we say more?

5. You Can’t Put Ice Cream on a Pancake

Have you ever seen a pancake topped with ice cream? Heavens no. That would just be wrong. But a waffle topped with ice cream? Well, the thought of that is just getting us all kinds of excited.

6. Anything Can Be Waffle-ized

If you’ve visited Pinterest anytime recently, then you know all about the million different meals that can be cooked on a waffle iron. Brownies, cookies, omelets, grilled cheese sandwiches, cinnamon rolls, stuffed pizzas—do I need to go on?

7. Chicken and Waffles

Enough said.

8. Delicious Fresh or Frozen

Is there a person alive who can say they never enjoyed an Eggo Waffle for breakfast as a child? Frozen pancakes never reheat right, but frozen waffles most certainly do.

9. Waffle Trucks Are All the Rage

At a time when food trucks seem to rule the world, waffle trucks have found their place as the ruler supreme. Why is that? Because regardless of the time of day, everyone loves a good waffle.

10. Perfect On the Go

Need to eat breakfast on the run? Look no further than a waffle. Roll one up, stuff it with toppings, and eat it like a delicious, oversized taquito.

11. The Star of the Continental Breakfast

When was the last time you saw a pancake bar at a continental breakfast? Never. Because waffles are infinitely easier to make and cook to perfection. What would a hotel stay be without them?

12. They’re Leslie Knope Approved

There’s no doubt about it—Leslie Knope loves waffles. Probably more than about anything else in the world. According to Leslie, “Everyone should love waffles. If they don’t they’re crazy.” We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

13. Sweet or Savory

These delicious, fluffy, dewdrops from heaven can be made to accommodate your sweet tooth, or be prepared to savory perfection. You could eat waffles for every meal and never get sick of them. On that note, we’ll excuse ourselves to go make some waffles…

Now Go Eat Waffles!

Bring waffle happiness to your neighborhood with Bruges Waffles & Frites.

How Opening a Franchise Creates Jobs & Boosts the Economy

images (1)

The franchise industry continuously outperforms traditional private businesses and it consistently boosts economic activity in the form of employment. Opening a franchise not only contributes goods and services to the economy, but it also provides jobs and employment to the workforce in your community.

New Jobs

Cities and unemployment rates are still trying to recover from the most recent recession, and franchises are helping fill that gap by providing new jobs. In 2015, franchise businesses added 376,000 jobs and franchise restaurants added 215,000 food service positions. When you hire locals looking for work in your restaurant franchise, you create a positive impact on employment in your area.

Jobs Mean Growth

Franchises are creating jobs at a growth rate of .4 – .5% higher than private employers which indicate a strong franchise industry. Such development can also mean success in terms of future sales and opportunities for higher wages. Take advantage of this profitable growth by joining the franchise family of Bruges Waffles and Frites which has already done the hard work of establishing a recognizable and trusted brand.

Funding For Franchising is Becoming More Accessible

With small businesses and franchises creating 60-80% of new jobs in the last ten years, increasing lending to franchise owners is on the government’s radar. Franchise businesses are poised to lead the economy into recovery, and proposals are being made to increase lending caps and loan dollar amounts, establish market-based loan pricing models, and preserve funds solely for business start-up and expansion.

Contribute to the economy and provide local employment by opening up your own franchise. Find out more information today about how you can open your own Bruges Waffles and Frites franchise with little to no experience at an affordable start-up rate.


Own a Franchise in 7 Simple Steps


Owning a franchise can be a fun and rewarding business opportunity and with so many franchise options, getting started is easier than ever. Review these steps to owning a franchise to see if this avenue is right for you.

1. Weigh Pros and Cons

Opening a franchise in your area can come with its own set of advantages and disadvantages, consider them all before making your decision to pursue franchise ownership.

Pros: Things like demand of product, prestige of franchisor, unique offerings, affordable startup, included training, strong branding, and a collaborative culture may exist for certain food franchises such as Bruges.

Cons: Be prepared to consider high initial startup costs from franchises. Possible challenges include zoning and code compliance issues, employee turnover, lower than expected profit margins, and long hour commitments that affect your quality of life.

2. Do Your Research

Once you’ve narrowed your search to 3 franchises you’re seriously interested in, contact the franchisor to request the Franchise Disclosure Document. This packet includes all information about the financial and legal history of the company, as well as all the rules, responsibilities, and fees you’ll face as a franchisee.

3. Attend Discovery Day

You will be invited to meet face-to-face with the franchisor at their corporate office in order for them to pitch you their franchise and also to size you up as a potential franchisee. Get to know the company’s style and culture to determine if their franchise is a good fit for you. They will also be evaluating your prospective partnership in terms of your commitment, enthusiasm, qualifications, and capital to invest.

4. Seek Feedback and Advice

Before accepting an offer from a franchisor, reach out to other franchisees. Having a supportive network of franchisees who are all satisfied and happy with their franchise and the services they receive from the company is a sign of a good investment. Seek advice from an attorney in regards to the franchise agreement. Make sure all franchisor promises from Discovery Day are clearly outlined in the contract.

5. Find A Location

Location of your franchise may be a deciding factor when considering a franchisor’s offer. Ask your franchisor for guidance on predicted successful locations and review all requirements concerning your location. Square footage, parking space, and proximity to other franchises may all limit your location options.

6. Secure Funding

Finances must be in order before you sign that agreement. Funding options can range from direct funding through the franchisor or franchisor partner to small business or traditional bank loans. Visit Bruges for questions regarding financing options of your waffles and frites franchise.

7. Sign

Once you have a location in mind and your financing is secured, sign the franchise agreement and begin creating your business. The franchisor will provide all necessary training to get you started and prepared for opening day.

If you are looking to open a franchise in a profitable and ever-growing industry, learn more about joining the Bruges Waffles and Frites family.


A Franchise Restaurant is Only as Good as its Franchisees

top restaurant franchises


The top restaurant franchises are only as good as the franchisees who buy into their systems. Though we are searching to expand the Bruges business model, we want to do it with the right franchise partners. Bruges Waffles & Frites franchise restaurant owners will come from all walks of life, and have different educational and career backgrounds, but will also have a few common traits, including:


  • Entrepreneurial spirit with the desire to lean on a proven system
  • Driven by achievement
  • Developed leadership and communication skills
  • Enjoys fast-paced environments
  • Actively participates in their community


3 Reasons NOT to Buy a Franchise

Having the right personality traits and styles is vital to your success as a franchise owner. Just like there are silly reasons for accepting a job, there are also silly reasons for turning to franchising.


  1. You are unemployed. Buying a franchise restaurant because you have no other job options adds unnecessary pressure to succeed. Buying a franchise should be a decision made when you are ready, and because it is something you truly want to do.
  2. It’s trendy. Just like cars come in and out of style quickly, so can a newer franchise. Make sure the franchise restaurant you are interested in has a proven record and the opportunity for continued growth.
  3. You found the perfect spot to open a franchise, but are not sure what you will do in that spot. Before jumping ahead to scouting out locations, potential franchise owners should decide the franchise industry they want to join, if they are a good fit for the franchise, and if other franchise owners are happy.


When is the Right Time to Open a Franchise Restaurant?

Bruges Waffles & Frites offers a unique menu not offered in any of the top restaurant franchises. Our entry fee is affordable, and we offer full training to franchisees–even to those without any prior restaurant experience. Our turnkey franchise opportunity offers a collaborative culture where franchisees are encouraged to share ideas and learn from one another. If you are at a point in your life where franchising is appealing, we invite you to learn more about franchise opportunities with Bruges.

The Bruges Brand: Authentic Down to Our Support Team

Our franchise restaurants have a big responsibility to fill: keeping the authenticity and culture of the brand alive. The support system for franchises is built to help you keep the culture strong as we spread our brand across the American West.


Belgian Style Support from a World-Class Team

restaurant franchise community-of-partnersAfter your initial training is completed, you can expect ongoing support from our world-class franchising team. We provide all the ingredients needed to be successful in the restaurant business and give each franchise owner a personalized and responsive approach to meet their needs. This combination gives our franchise owners a powerful advantage over owners of other franchise restaurants.

Our number one priority is to uncompromising quality throughout our restaurants. Due to this priority, we place high value on communication and quality training practices. Our support team is there to answer your every questions from the moment you become a franchise owner through the duration of our relationship.


You’ve Been Accepted to Bruges Academy… Now What?

Our support team will exceed your expectations! Bruges Academy consists of hands-on operations training and is only the beginning of what you will experience with Bruges. From there, we will hold monthly webinars, regular training calls, in-service trainings, access to our resource-rich intranet, and support from a responsive franchise helpdesk. Our franchise support teams will go above and beyond your expectations to help you be successful as a franchise owner.


Bruges Franchise Restaurants Stand Out From the Crowd

From our beginnings, we were not afraid to be different. We built our brand from a waffle cart in the farmer’s market to where we are today. We offer a different variety of food options, a different cultural experience and are now taking a different approach to franchising. If you are someone who wants to stand out from the crowd and be different, with a different level of franchise support to stand behind you, discover more about the Bruges opportunity by exploring our Online Discovery Center.

Build ‘Little Belgium’ in Your Town with Bruges Restaurant Franchising

7GNijUJxPGznHxHcRQmg3fDnOnUwFyItIbG0OMlpKekAre you missing the Belgian charm in your town? While other cultures may be well represented, there are somethings that only Belgium can offer. Bruges Waffles & Frites restaurant franchising is offering the opportunity to bring a bit of Europe to your town by opening a mini embassy for all things Belgium.


More Than Just a Restaurant Franchise…

Bruges is a charming town in northern Belgium where co-founder of Bruges Waffles & Frites, Pierre Vandamme, remembers spending his childhood days savoring the flavors and aromas of his grandmother’s culinary masterpieces. Food is practically an art form in Belgian culture and

Bruges Waffles & Frites is more than just another restaurant.

While we specialize in serving unique and authentic Belgian cuisine, we also feature Belgian culture throughout our restaurant interiors. Each franchise restaurant will feature authentic comic art murals since comic art is considered an integral part of Belgian culture. These murals will be similar to the one found in our new Draper, Utah restaurant.

Each restaurant also brings in a bit of irreverent Belgian humor by showcasing the famous Manneken Pis, which is a statue of a little boy peeing in a water fountain. The statue has been iconic in Brussels culture since 1619, and the tradition is for visiting authorities to donate miniature versions of their clothing to the little naked boy. He has gathered quite a collection over the years which can be seen in the Brussels museum.


Once You Go Belgian, You Never Go Back!

Bruges focuses on providing the complete European dining experience which emphasises indulging in good food in the presence of family and friends. From the moment a customer catches the aroma of freshly baked waffles to the moment they leave our restaurant, they will be immersed in Belgian culture, and already planning their next visit. While their taste buds are tantalized with our specialty creations, their eyes will be drawn to the unique ties to the city of Bruges, and they will feel as if they have been completely transported to another place-even if only visiting on their lunch hour!
Bring ‘Little Belgium’ to your town by opening a Bruges Waffles & Frites restaurant franchise, and be the first to introduce Belgian food and culture to your community. Visit our Online Discovery Center to learn more.