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Raving Reviews United

As we enter into the restaurant franchising industry, we realize the impact that customer reviews can have on a person’s decision to purchase a restaurant franchise location. While we are thankful for the local and national media attention we have received over the years, we know it is our loyal fans that help drive our business. We gathered some of our favorite reviews found on various online review platforms to give you the bigger picture of what our customers are saying about the current Bruges Waffles & Frites locations._DSC2026


“Waffles were the best I have ever had and even though I live 800 miles away I will be back for more.”–Chris

“I wish I had stopped by here earlier. I could eat French Toast or Waffles every day of the week… especially if the waffles taste like Bruges waffles!” –-Marcus

“Saw this place on Man vs Food and had to check it out. It did not disappoint, the food was awesome! The Machine Gun Sandwich is a must for first time visitors.”–Carlos

“The only thing I ate at Bruges was the machine gun sandwich…it has been months since that meal and I still get pleasure from thinking about it.” –-Benjamin

“Bruges has the best waffles you have ever had. After eating here I will never eat waffles anywhere else!” — Brendan

“The Machine Gun sandwich is addicting, and their aioli is top notch.”–Jared



“Good food and service, especially for such a popular place.” — SLC Diner

_DSC1683“ Machine Gun Sandwich Take the best day of your life, and put it in a bun! Unbelievable!! Hands down, best complemented meal I’ve ever had! I have found my favorite meal out there.”— Kyle

“The fries are amazing. Gotta love the twice-fried thing.” –Diner for SLC

“Save your stomach space for their waffles! For those who have never had a real Belgian waffle, this is not the waffle you get at IHOP. I had mine filled with melted chocolate on the inside and it was heaven!” –True Food Junkie

“Bruges Waffles and Frites is an absolutely heavenly experience.”--Diner from SLC


“The best, most awesomeness, wonderfully delicious Belgian Waffles on the planet.” –Bill SDSC_6333

“Here you can order anything and it’s sure to be absolutely amazing. You’ll definitely love it!”–Kaeman

“One liege waffle with strawberries and creme fraiche please. SO DELICIOUS. If you go here- this is seriously all you need to order.” –Anita

“We got a waffle with cookie spread with strawberries and whipped cream. I swear angels were dancing on my tongue.”--Alyse

“If you have never tasted real Liege Waffles, then you have to come here and try them, they are absolutely amazing!” –Kay S.

Colorado and Bruges: An Opportunity Too Sweet to Turn Down

a-premium-productOne of the many things Colorado is known for is being the only state in history to turn down the opportunity to host the Olympics. In 1976, 62% of Denver voters answered negatively when asked about their feelings toward hosting the global sporting event. Due to resident concerns, the city politely turned down the chance. But now, Bruges Waffles & Frites is offering a breakfast franchise opportunity that is literally too sweet to turn down.

Four Corners… Or Five Places?

Pierre Vandamme is a Belgian native that spent his childhood savoring the authentic, rich and flavorful cuisine customary to the old world. Upon meeting fellow Belgian, Philippe Wyffels in Salt Lake City, the two set out to recreate the cuisine they remembered from their youth that is no longer found among today’s mass produced options. Once they had successfully reinvented the Liège waffle, they set out on a journey to share it with their new community. The demand for their delicious waffles was strong, and soon they opened a restaurant location in downtown Salt Lake City. Before they knew it, two more locations had opened, and now they are offering restaurant franchise opportunities in Colorado. This opportunity is literally too sweet to turn down!

The authentic cuisine offered by the franchise will have your customers feeling as if they stepped into Europe. The question is if you take a Liège waffle to the infamous four corners, will you actually be in five places at once?


Cheeseburgers, Chickens, Rodeo and… Waffles?

Colorado is known for many things- among them, cheeseburgers, Mike the Headless Chicken day, and world-famous rodeos. How do waffles fit in with these?


Colorado already claims invention of the cheeseburger, as a Denver native was awarded the trademark in 1935. Why not build on that legacy, and add claim to the first Bruges Waffles & Frites franchise location?

Headless Chicken Day

Mike the chicken had his head cut off by a farmer and lived another four years headless. Along with celebrating Mike’s long and unusual life, residents of Colorado can now celebrate “Waffle Day,” or the day that Bruges franchising came to town. Who can resist a whole day dedicated to the glorious tastes of authentic Belgian waffles?

Western Stock Show

The world’s largest rodeo held annually in Denver brings with it an influx of visitors, all seeking dining experiences that rival the rodeo they came for. Bruges’ waffles and frites are not limited to time of day, or occasion and would make a perfect pair for rodeo fans.

If you can smell the waffles and agree that bringing an authentic European dining experience to your Colorado community is too sweet of an opportunity to turn down, we invite you to explore our online discovery center for answers to your questions.

Arizona and Bruges Go Together Like “Grand” and “Canyon”

Bruges is a charming town in Belgium that was home to Pierre Vandamme as a child. He grew up savoring the aromas and flavors of authentic old-world cuisine; flavors he can still recall as an adult. In 2002, now living in Salt Lake City, Utah, Pierre met fellow Belgian native Philippe Wyffels and after reminiscing about the cuisine of their youth set out to recreate the famous Liège waffle and share it with their community. What started as a waffle cart at farmers markets has now expanded to three Utah restaurant locations, and is now offering the opportunity for a franchise restaurant in Arizona.

Arizona’s Newest ‘Natural Wonder’

Arizona is home to many natural wonders of the world with the many canyons, lakes, craters, parks and caves it has to offer. Now we have a new natural wonder to add to the list.

Bruges Waffles & Frites is a ‘wonder’ to our many loyal fans and uses fresh and natural ingredients in our proprietary recipes. By being the first franchise owner in your Arizona community, you may just go down in history as one who introduced the newest ‘natural wonder’ to the state.


Make Time Stand Still

Time in Arizona seems to stand still as daylight savings is not observed. Bruges is also not limited by time, as we offer a unique menu that is not limited by time or occasion. There is no bad time to choose a Bruges Waffles & Frites franchise restaurant and bring a bit of Europe to your community.

Though Arizona was one of the last territories to become an official state in the US, you have the opportunity to be among the first states with a Bruges Waffles & Frites franchise.

Copper Capital

With copper being the most abundant state mineral, the roof on the Arizona state capital alone contains enough copper to produce over 4,800,000 pennies! The good news is, the entry fee for a Bruges franchise restaurant is significantly less than that, and will allow you to fill your penny bank…and then some!

A Grand Adventure

Bruges is offering the opportunity to build a restaurant franchise as grand as the canyon! With our menu specialties that create an instant fan base, and our franchise model that offers all the support and training needed to be successful, you will not have to worry about hitting your own Disaster Falls.

If you can smell the waffles and visualize being the first to bring them to your Arizona community, we invite you to continue on to our online discovery center to get answers to all your questions.


Q&A on Building a New Kind of Franchise Community


You have questions? We’ve got answers! Here are the common questions people ask about opening one of the best restaurant franchises available with Bruges Waffles & Frites.

Q: What sets Bruges apart from other fast-casual restaurants in the market?
A: Bruges offers a new approach to fast-casual dining with recipes that create instant fans. While we offer a unique and authentic menu, our focus is on overall customer experience from the moment they smell our mouth-watering recipes to the moment they leave happy.

Q: How is your franchise model set up? How does it compare to the best restaurant franchises out there?
A: We do franchising differently by offering our franchise owners a more collaborative culture than seen elsewhere. We are community-oriented focusing both on the neighborhoods we serve and on our family of franchise owners. We want to build a community where ideas are shared and people mutually benefit from each other’s successes.

Q:Where did the idea for Bruges come from?
A: Bruges is the Belgian town in which founder, Pierre Vandamme grew up in. Later in life, he met fellow Belgian Philippe Wyffels in Salt Lake City, and they shared childhood memories of the sights and flavors of the city. Together, they set out to perfect the Liège waffle they cherished as children and share it with their community.

Q: Where is Bruges Waffles & Frites located?
A: The company currently operates three stores across Utah and is offering franchise opportunities in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, and Oregon.

Bruges Fast Casual Restaurant Opportunity TerritoriesQ: What does the Bruges brand represent?
A: As we offer truly Belgian cuisine, we are firmly committed to the European approach to food, which starts with unprocessed ingredients, special recipes, and indulgent flavors—all meant to be savored in the presence of family and friends. We are devoted to sustainability and aim for a positive work environment, complete with first class training, open communication, and accountability.

Q: What training and support is offered to new franchisees?
A: We offer a support system to all franchisees so that as we grow, our values and culture stays strong. New franchise owners can look forward to “a Day in Bruges” visit to our headquarters, training at “Bruges Academy,” store opening on-site support, marketing plans that are customized to your territory, ongoing trainings through support calls, webinars and in-services, and a franchise intranet that is packed with exciting resources.

Q: What qualities are needed to be a successful Bruges franchise owner?
A: We are seeking individuals who want to be owner/operators at their franchise. Successful owners must be driven by both personal and financial achievements, be comfortable in fast-paced environments and active in the local community. Experience in business with leadership skills are important, along with a clean background check, strong credit score, and a financially sound foundation.

If you are ready to be a part of one of the best restaurant franchises available today, visit the Bruges franchise discovery center now!

The Search for an Authentic Brand Among Top Restaurant Franchises

authenticTop restaurant franchises have many things in common—a strong brand, a popular menu, franchise support, and the likelihood of a good return on your franchise investment. But not all of them share one critical factor: authenticity. More than ever before, brand authenticity is driving American buying and dining habits.

In this age of transparency and the democratization of information, Americans are increasingly seeking out authentic brands, and they quickly recognize the impostors. Knowing the real stories behind the company, its people, and its products, adds an important experiential component to tangible goods; leaving consumers with a sense of honesty as they feel a connection to the brand.

According to the Journal of Business Research, when it comes to brand authenticity, consumers see three dimensions: heritage, sincerity, and commitment to quality. In the eye of a consumer, they are not just purchasing a product for a logo, but rather buying into the set of values that the company holds. When a company sticks to their roots, their heritage will shine through making the brand seem truly authentic in the eyes of the consumer.

Many studies have been conducted on the topic of brand authenticity and the consumer. According to George Newman, professor at Yale School of Management, as reported in the Journal of Marketing Research, consumers place a higher value on products that come from the original factories. The origination of a product increases the consumer’s perceived authenticity and value of the product. Plus, after reading the stories behind the brand, this effect is increased.

Further, Brian Wansink, marketing professor at Cornell University, found that if menu items that listed geographical or nostalgic labels were purchased more frequently and customers even reported they tasted better!

What do these findings have to do with your decision among the top restaurant franchises? Put simply, authenticity is everything! Consumers are seeking a product that is truly authentic, and when you deliver, you have a recipe for success!

Bruges Waffles & Frites leads the pack when it comes to distinctive brand authenticity. We place the highest value on uncompromising quality and uniquely Belgian culture and cuisine in a warm and welcoming environment. Bruges offers customers an authentic taste of Europe with real Belgian flavors—a refreshing alternative to processed mass produced products. With a menu consisting of fresh, made-from-scratch specialties consisting of real ingredients, they connect with a truly enjoyable European experience.

With fast-casual restaurants climbing the ranks of top restaurant franchises around the country, and authenticity proving to be so important to consumers, there has never been a better time to join the Bruges franchising team. Can you smell the waffles?

The Cultural Niche: Fast Casual Restaurant Industry Trends


Fast casual restaurants are quickly becoming one of the hottest restaurant industry trends of the decade. The concept of fast-casual arose from consumers seeking healthier options that are still available on-the-go. Fast-casual restaurants are an attractive hybrid between fast food and casual dining, with a few elements borrowed from each. While full table service is not offered at fast-casual restaurants, the emphasis is placed on the use of high quality ingredients, fresh preparation, and a pleasant experience.

Restaurant industry trends show that growth in the fast casual market remained strong even through the economic downturn of 2008. More importantly, according to a survey of consumers in the summer of 2010, 30% of respondents stated the reason they had not eaten at a fast-casual restaurant in the past month was due to lack of availability. As consumers are seeking healthier options that are still fast and on-the-go, the fast casual market has a huge potential for growth. Demand is high, and the market is underserved!

According to Technomic, a widely respected food service research firm, diners are more interested in trying affordable authentic cuisine with local and sustainable concepts in high demand. Their research found that the specialty menu category experienced a 16% sales growth in 2013, and also increased locations by 11% that same year. With the fast-casual scene heating up, franchisees are faced with as many options as consumers.


Bruges Waffles & Frites is one of the newest franchise options in this sector. The concept began when Pierre Vandamme and Philippe Wyffels met and decided to recreate the flavorful Liège waffles they remembered from their youth—flavors that had been replaced with pre-packaged and mass-produced options. Once their recipe was perfected, the two debuted their waffle cart around Salt Lake City and farmers markets.

Then, as they shared their waffle experience, the demand for waffles began to be more than the cart could handle, and a year-round location was opened. Since then, the company has opened two more Utah locations, expanded their menu, and have continually received raving reviews from customers, media outlets and online review sites alike. Bruges is now excited to announce franchising opportunities throughout the Intermountain West as a chance for entrepreneurs to share a new alternative to fast food with fresh, made-from-scratch artisanal specialties.

With restaurant industry trends showing growth both for fast-casual restaurants and the demand for truly authentic cuisine, it’s clear that waffles just may be the wave of the future. Are you ready to ride it with Bruges?

Bruges Puts a Bounty on First Colorado Franchise


Restaurant Franchise Offers Trip to Belgium for Finding First Colorado Owner

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH—Bruges Waffles & Frites, a fast-casual restaurant franchise featuring authentic Belgian specialties, today announced a bounty for the individual who refers the first Colorado franchise owner. The company is expanding restaurant franchises into Denver, Boulder and Colorado Springs as it builds upon its steady growth in Utah. The referring fan will win a trip for two to historic Bruges, Belgium.

“The Bruges brand is built on strong Belgian values, and an authentically European dining experience for each of our customers,” explained Belgian co-founder Philippe Wyffels, “What a better way to celebrate our first Colorado partner than by offering a reward of a visit to Bruges itself?”


With thousands of loyal customers along Utah’s Wasatch front, the restaurant franchise came up with the idea of turning to their fans to help them expand into new states. Few restaurants enjoy the level of online support from fans that Bruges has experienced through online reviews and testimonials, and the company sought a way they could give back to their appreciative patrons.

Fans can simply go to BrugesFranchising.com/Trip and refer friends or family who may be interested. If the person referred ends up opening the first Bruges Waffles & Frites restaurant in an open state, referrer will receive a travel certificate good for up to $5,000.00 that may be redeemed for a trip for two to Bruges, Belgium. This trip value is based on four nights in Bruges and two nights in Brussels, Belgium, including airfare, rail tickets, and a tour of Bruges.

“Bruges Waffles & Frites has built a loyal following around every restaurant we have opened,” explained co-founder Pierre Vandamme, “We are a very community-oriented company and excited to share the Belgian experience with Colorado.”


Bruges Waffles & Frites began when two Belgian natives set out to recreate an authentic Liège waffle to share with their local community. What started with a local waffle cart has now grown into a trusted brand with many loyal followers, national media attention, and three restaurant locations. The company is now looking to bring a bit of Belgium to Colorado and other key states across the mountain west. For more information, go to BrugesFranchising.com/Trip.

Faces of Main Street

Bruges Waffles & Frites

May 16, 2015

Business Co-Owner: Frederic
Business: Bruges Waffles & Frites
Location: Salt lake City, Utah


Meet Frederic
Frederic is co-owner of Bruges Waffles and Frites, a company his brother-in-law started years ago. It is now run by the two of them. They enjoy making true Belgian style waffles and fries and serving them to their rapid growing list of customers.

Why Waffles?
“What I like about the waffles is it’s like a treat all day long,” says Frederic. But there is more than just flavor that drives Frederic and his brother-in-law, Pierre, to make these delicious waffles and share them with other. “Its also about the memories, like going to the supermarket or taking a train to go to the little carts where they make them fresh and you can just eat it.”

Coming To Utah
Frederic moved to Utah all the way from Belgium just five years ago and he loves sharing his culture with the people he meets in Utah.  The recipes they use are the same recipes they grew up with—dough based Liege Waffles with real pearl sugar. Frederic commented, “It’s a little doughy on the inside and you have the pearl sugars in it and it just taste so good you want a second one.”

Biggest Win
Frederic’s level of excitement is so high, you feel it radiate when you are close to him. Something Frederic loves is when others are smiling right there with him. “Having a smile on someone’s face when they eat these waffles is the biggest joy I can get. And that happens every day, when people get the fries or the waffles they are always so happy and that is the greatest thing for me.”

Don’t Buy that Franchise!

4.5 star

 10 Reasons to Check Customer Reviews When Considering Restaurant Franchises

Not long ago it seemed that if a customer had a negative experience with restaurant franchises, they would simply tell friends and family to discourage them from going to that location. Today, with so many online review sites, customers now have the opportunity to share their opinions with the world.

Savvy entrepreneurs considering restaurant franchises know that customer reviews tell the true story behind the franchise.

Here are the top 10 reasons why customer reviews matter.

1) Review ratings and revenue are closely related. In a recent study of Washington restaurants’ yelp.com review ratings, it was found that the higher the overall rating, the higher the increase in revenue that restaurant would experience.

2) Online reviews carry more weight. Positive reviews from previous customers, even in a different market can turn browsers into buyers. These reviews carry far more weight than any other forms of marketing communication.

3) Potential customers trust reviews. 61% of people will read online reviews prior to visiting restaurants that are unfamiliar to them.

4) Friends or critics? Consider this—86.9% of people trust their friends’ reviews of restaurants over those written by a critic.

5) Good, Better, Best. Good ratings are great to have, but are they costing you? Customers are willing to pay 99% more for an excellent rating over just a good rating when it comes to the quality of service offered at restaurant franchises.

6) Dreamers or Doers? Customer reviews create 74% increase in product conversion. Ratings could mean the difference in a customer saying they would like to try your restaurant someday, or coming in for lunch today.

7) One time “tryers” or repeat buyers? Franchises with customer reviews have loyalty rates up to 18% higher than those without.

8) Ratings are there for a reason. People tend to trust other customers’ opinions and rely on their experiences as a template for how their own would be. Restaurant franchises that are highly rated will experience an increased likelihood of purchase of up to 55% compared1:2 star to lower rated franchises.

9) Even negative reviews can be positive. If a customer leaves a negative review that is handled quickly and efficiently, 95% of customers say they will do business with the company again.

10) Knowing what your potential customers are saying about the brand you are considering buying says a lot about the company. With constant social media status updates, and new review sites popping up continuously, it won’t take long to get a good look at how the public feels about your chosen restaurant franchise.

As a strong example, Bruges Waffles and Frites is a hot new fast-casual restaurant franchise entering markets in Colorado, Arizona, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada and Washington. The company is riding high on strong community loyalty and excellent customer reviews that say a lot about the loyalty their specialties create. In a world where ratings mean revenue, Bruges may just be the franchise opportunity you are looking for

Bruges waffle baker pursues the ‘American dream’

Translated from a recent feature on Bruges in Belgium on April 1, 2015


Pierre Vandamme with brother Frederic. A fourth store will open soon.

Pierre Vandamme with brother Frederic. A fourth store will open soon.

BRUGES – From a waffle vendor with a cart to the owner of four restaurants and plans to expand with franchise locations across the U.S., Bruges émigré Pierre Vandamme (51) is living large with Bruges Waffles. For four years, Vandamme ran a waffle cart on the street and in parks selling home made waffles to the public. A year later he added french fries to the limited menu. It turned to be a great success, and after another year he opened his first Bruges Waffles restaurant.

Within a few weeks, he and a business partner will launch a franchise system with plans to expand the Bruges Waffles brand all over the country. “We’ll begin in Denver, but we think it will become big. In about five to ten years, we want hundreds of Bruges Waffles in the U.S.”

“The name Bruges is an asset. It’s surprising how well my town is known by Americans, “said Vandamme. Click here to read more in The News on Wednesday, April 1st.