Bruges Restaurant Franchises Named Among Those With Best Fries in Utah

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It’s no secret. Authentic Belgian frites are so good–sometimes our customers can’t handle it! Recently, Bruges Waffles & Frites was ranked in an article entitled ‘12 Restaurants in Utah with Fries so Good You Can’t Handle It,’ by The article discussed the perfect fry that’s crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside, and has the perfect amount of salt. The perfect batch of fries without any soggy ones also helped a restaurant make the list.


No Matter How You Cook It…

Bruges Waffles & Frites franchise restaurants cook our frites to perfection–the Belgian way! Each frite is fried twice to ensure the perfect texture both inside and out. When our frites are combined with our handmade mayonnaise based dipping sauces, you can be prepared for a party in your mouth!


Even though the origin of french fries has been widely debated, we do know that fried potatoes date back to 1680 in a tiny Belgian town where the people fried potatoes when they could no longer fish in the frozen river. In 1857, an article in a Belgian newspaper referred to a man as “The King of Fried Potatoes” for selling fries at a state fair.


The term “French Fries” came later when the American allies landed in the Belgian Ardennes, tried the fried potatoes and nicknamed them French fries after the native language spoken there. No matter how a french fry is cooked, it is still Belgian!

Franchise the Best Frites

Bruges restaurant franchises are looking to expand across the Western United States and is on the hunt for entrepreneurs to help us develop our brand and change the way Americans think about waffles! We build a interdependent and collaborative partnership with our restaurant franchise partners, and strive to create a learning community where we can learn from one another. To learn more about the exciting world of authentic and delicious Belgian restaurant franchises, we invite you to learn more about Bruges!

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