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History tells us that in 1889, people were swarming to Oklahoma to stake their claim on a plot of land. To be fair, all settlers were supposed to start at the same time at the stroke of noon, but those who started early were referred to as ‘Sooners.’ Later, the term began to be synonymous with progressivism, and referenced energetic people who traveled ahead of human procession. A ‘Sooner’ was known to be prosperous, ambitious, and have a can-do attitude. These are the same characteristics we look for in owners of Bruges restaurant franchises. Here are the top reasons why Oklahoma is a good home from Bruges.

Labor Omnia Vincit

The state motto, ‘Labor Conquers all Things,’ is a motto that rings true to Bruges.  With dedication and hard work, owners or our restaurant franchises will quickly turn a profit.

Hopes & Dreams

Residents of Perry may be familiar with the statue depicting an historical couple coming to the newly opened western frontier. At Bruges, our hopes and dreams are for our restaurant franchises to settle in Oklahoma.

Astronauts & Waffles

In Weatherford, Thomas P. Stafford has his own life size statue honoring his astronaut NASA missions. We’d be willing to bet our authentic Belgian waffles are every bit as good in space as they are on earth.

Pecans & Waffles

The annual Pecan Festival in Okmulgee draws thousands of people in during its festivities. While the city already owns the world records for largest pecan pie, pecan cookie, pecan brownie and biggest ice cream and cookie party, it has yet to claim the biggest pecan topped waffle.

Cow Chip Throw

The town of Beaver has become known for their annual cow chip throw each April. Bruges restaurant franchises would love to be a caterer at this event, but encourages participants to wash their hands before eating!

Parking Permits

In 1935, Oklahoma City became home to the world’s first parking meter. These meters are generally coin operated, but Bruges is willing to validate for those who try our delicious and authentic Belgian waffles & frites.

Bruges restaurant franchises are on the hunt for those who are actively involved in their Oklahoma communities to bring our brand to your town. If you can smell the waffles, learn more about the Bruges opportunity on our online discovery center.

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