Bruges Pioneers into the Montana Frontier

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It’s a well known fact that Montana’s human population is far outnumbered by the population of elk, eagles, antelope and deer. Out of the 56 counties in Montana, 46 of them are considered ‘frontier counties’ with the average population of people being less than 6 per square mile. But, with the arrival of Bruges Waffles & Frites restaurant franchises, this fact is about to change. As residents and tourists alike begin to flock to the state for a taste of our authentic and delicious Belgian specialties, the population boom may be enough to finally outnumber the animal population!

The Treasure State Gets a New Treasure

Since Montana is known for being the Treasure State, Bruges restaurant franchises fit right in, with their own indulgent Belgian treasures to offer the state. Our many loyal fans treasure our Belgian waffles, frites and other Belgian specialties, and you could be the first franchise owner in the state to make new fans in Montana.  When you bring a little piece of Belgium to Montana, you may just go down in history as the person who introduced the newest treasure to the state.


Lolo Hot Springs in Montana is the site of the first luge run in North America. “Lolo” in Hawaiian actually means ‘crazy person.’ While some people may think it takes a crazy person to go on the luge run, they would not think it’s crazy if the run ended with a stop at Bruges, though our customers do crazy over our amazing food.  No Montana history would be complete without the mention of the Plains Indians. As the earliest known inhabitants of Montana, they fought in the historic Last Stand Battle at Little Bighorn and still reside across many areas of the state.  Our Belgian franchise restaurants would bring just another interesting culture facet to the Montana landscape.

National Parks

Both Yellowstone and Glacier National Park are located partly in Montana. If Montana residents were to bring a Bruges restaurant franchise to their community, the Montana side of both parks may be more frequented. It is said that the Going to the Sun Road in Glacier Park is considered one of the most scenic drives in the nation. Imagine how much more enjoyable it would be with a Bruges waffle to go.

If you can smell the waffles, and  can visualize being the first to bring them to your Montana community, we invite you to continue on to our online discovery center to get answers to all your questions.

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