Bruges Franchising Restaurants Launch New Website

Visitors Will Learn the Belgian Difference

SALT LAKE CITY– Bruges Waffles & Frites, one of the hottest new franchising restaurants to hit the fast-casual market, announced the launching of their new website: Visitors to the site will learn what makes Bruges different, be enthralled with Belgian culture, learn the history of Bruges cuisine, and be introduced to the franchise opportunity offered.

BRUGES-FAST-CASUAL-RESTAURANT-FRANCHISE-LOCATION-MAP-10.19.15“The new website along with our social media efforts will help expand Bruges reach, and assist us in finding our first franchisees,” said Gerry Carpenter, Director of Franchise Sales. “We’ve provided a simple, yet efficient user experience so that those interested in franchise possibilities with Bruges can learn more about our company culture, history and expectations of a franchisee.”

Bruges currently has four company owned Utah locations, and is seeking to expand in select communities in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington. Their website features what makes Bruges unique, the steps to owning a Bruges franchise, the history and culture of the company, an FAQ section, and form to complete to receive even more information.

The company recently placed a bounty on the first franchise owner in each state. If you refer a person who goes on to become the brand’s first franchise owner, you will be rewarded with a trip for two to Belgium to experience where their story began. For more information on how to refer a friend, visit:

Bruges waffles began in 2002, when Belgian natives Pierre Vandamme and Philippe Wyffels met and began to reminisce about the cuisine of their youth. Together, they recreated the famous Liège waffle and introduced it at the Salt Lake City farmers market. The demand for authentic and delicious cuisine led them to open a year-round restaurant location in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City and begin to expand their menu. With the addition of Belgian style frites, Flemish Stew and specialties including their Machine Gun Sandwich®, the company captured both local and national media attention. Since their beginnings as a waffle cart, the chain has grown to include four company-owned Utah restaurants, and is now offering franchise opportunities.

For more information on Bruges and how you can become a part of their growing legacy, visit the new website:

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