Bruges Franchise Restaurants: A Concept Nevada Can Bet On

Bruges Franchise Restaurants: Coming In Nevada

franchise restaurantsGambling is not a new concept to Nevada. People flock from all over the world to visit the luxury resorts and casinos, enjoy the unique entertainment options, partake in a variety of cuisine, indulge in world class shopping experiences, and of course, gamble!

The first slot machine was invented in 1899, and served as a prototype for each one produced after. By 1960, Nevada boasted 16,067 slot machines, and by 1999 that number had grown to equate to one machine for every ten residents of the state; 205,726 machines. Gambling is one entertainment option only legal in this state, and one that is not going away!

The Winning Bet

Bruges Waffles & Frites has also been known to take a gamble. In 2002, Belgian co-founders Pierre Vandamme and Philippe Wyffels took a gamble as they set out to recreate the famous Liège waffle they remembered from their youth. They continued their gambling experience by sharing their creation with their Salt Lake community, establishing a restaurant location, expanding their menu and opening two additional restaurant locations in Utah. Every time these two have taken a gamble, they have come out on top.

Currently, Bruges is trying its hand at franchising their restaurants in Nevada. Just like gambling, we are not going away, and this is one concept that is a sure bet

Entertainment Capital of the World

Nevada has more to offer than gambling, and is also home to many attractions and a variety of entertainment options including:

  • Hoover Dam; one of the largest concrete dams in the world, Hoover contains enough
    Photo courtesy of

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    concrete to pave a two-lane highway stretching from San Francisco, California to New York City! The Dam offers tours, a museum of artifacts, and has been featured in several Hollywood flicks.

  • Wayne Newton’s home that also serves as the filming location for the movie, “Vegas Vacation”
  • The Liberace Museum. Yup, a whole museum dedicated to his life.
  • “The Extraterrestrial Highway” which locals say leads straight to the secretive Area 51
  • Sierra Nevada Mountain Range which offers views and hiking experiences you would not expect in a state known for the dessert
  • Thrill rides built right in to the hotels
  • UNLV’s college basketball team that reached the NCAA finals several years running in the 90’s

Bruges Waffles & Frites enjoys taking a break from gambling once in awhile too. We believe that with your hands full of our Belgian specialties, these attractions and entertainment options will be all the more enjoyable.

Bet on Bruges

DSC_6333Bruges is taking a gamble once again by bringing our franchise restaurants to select communities in Nevada. By adding to the world cuisine already present in the state, Bruges wants to bring a bit of European dining to the residents in Nevada. Will you be taking the gamble with us and become the first franchise owner in the state?

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