Belgian Waffles: The History Lesson That Will Change the Way You Look At Waffles

Warning: ‘Belgian’ Waffles May Never Taste The Same Again!

SALT LAKE CITY– Bruges Waffles & Frites restaurant franchise wants to set the record straight. The truth is, the ‘Belgian’ waffles so common in America today are sub-par in comparison to authentic waffles that hale from Belgium. In fact, they are nothing more than pancakes cooked in a waffle iron.

A true Belgian waffle is a yeast-laden dough rather than a batter. Bruges infuses their dough with pearl sugar, which caramelizes while cooking and produces a different texture throughout the waffle. Some bites will be sweeter, and others will be crispier.

_DSC0450The ‘Belgian’ waffle, as Americans know it, was first introduced as the “Brussels” waffle at the 1962 World Fair in Seattle. However, popularity soared at the 1964 World Fair in New York when Belgian Native Maurice Vermersch called them ‘Belgian’ waffles. He was adamant about people eating them ‘the right way’ and would not hand out forks to paying customers. In Belgium a waffle is a treat enjoyed any time of day, and eaten with your hands.

“Bruges intends to introduce Americans to authentic Belgian waffles,” said Philippe Wyffels, CEO and co-founder of Bruges Waffles & Frites. “We want our customers to have a true European dining experience, where cuisine is enjoyed in the company of family and friends and is appropriate for any time of day or occasion.”

Bruges Waffles & Frites began in 2002 when Belgian natives Pierre Vandamme and Philippe Wyffels met and set out to recreate their favorite childhood waffle, commonly known as the Liège waffle. Upon perfecting their recipe, the two set out to share their creation with their new community in the farmers markets of Salt Lake City, Utah. Response was better than they hoped and to keep up with demand, they opened a year-round restaurant location in the heart of downtown where they began to expand their menu offerings. Since that time, Bruges has opened an additional three Utah restaurant locations, and is currently offering franchise opportunities throughout the western U.S.

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