Belgian Festivals Should Include a Waffle Fest


Belgium is known for its many bizarre festivals that attract millions of visitors throughout the year. Aside from celebrating public holidays, the country also offers something for everyone with their many art, music, film and historical festivals or carnivals. While these festivals are entertaining and exciting, Bruges Waffles & Frites thinks there should be a festival dedicated solely to waffles.

Waffle Fest

For a country known so widely for their food items, it makes sense that waffle fest would become a thing. Street carts around the country would sell their many varieties of the treat from waffles topped with strawberries and creme fraiche to plain waffles ready to eat on the run. As we strive to become one of the best fast food franchise chains around, Bruges Waffles & Frites would be proud to participate in an event such as this.

Best Food Franchises Celebrate National Food Days

In America, the best food franchises have their turn at celebrating their food too. Dunkin’ Donuts, for instance, celebrates national donut day in June by giving patrons free donuts. IHOP provides a free short stack of pancakes for national pancake day in February, and in April several companies offer freebies to make the pain of tax day slightly lessened. 7-11 chains offer free slurpees on on July 11 (7/11), and Long John Silver’s offers free fish to those who talk like a pirate on September 19. November brings Veteran’s day and a slew of great deals and freebie for those who have served our country, and December brings national cookie day celebrated by many of the top fast fast franchises.

But, what about the waffle? Luckily, waffles are so well loved that they have two days of celebration each year; international waffle day celebrated in March to commemorate the beginning of Spring; and national waffle day in August that honors the anniversary of the first waffle iron patent.

What This Means to Top Fast Food Franchises

Even the top fast food franchises get in on the national food day action in order to draw customers to their establishments. Auntie Ann’s celebrates national pretzel day, Cold Stone Creamery has national cone day, and a variety of pizza joints get in on national cheese day.

Whether you are in the mood for a sweet treat or a savory meal, you don’t have to wait for a national food day to have it served to you. With our variety of menu items ranging from authentic Belgian Liege waffles to our signature Machine Gun Sandwich™, Bruges Waffles & Frites has something for everyone.


For more information about how you can help us on our journey to becoming one of the best food franchises in America, learning about our exciting and unique franchise opportunity at our online discovery center.

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