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What Do Consumers Want to Eat at Top Restaurant Franchises?

Restaurant Business Online conducted a recent survey to figure out consumer demands when it comes to eating at their favorite franchise restaurant. The study found that 62% of millennials consider themselves to be adventurous eaters, but when it comes to choosing a new menu item, only 30% of diners will try something new. Of those, […]

No Tipping Policies: Newest Restaurant Industry Trends

Tipping has become the hottest topic in the restaurant industry. Trends show that the ‘no tipping movement’ is being met with mixed reactions by both consumers, servers and restaurant managers alike. In order to make no tipping policies work, restaurants marginally raise their menu prices to account for an increase in pay to the server. […]

Belgium is About More Than Beer and Chocolates

While many people think of beer and chocolate when they think of Belgium, the country is known for many other things. Here are a few items you might not know are Belgian. Inline skates: The original design was by John Joseph Merlin in 1760. Merlin basically took a pair of ice skates and changed the […]