All Roads Lead to Bruges: Why New Mexico Needs Bruges Franchise Restaurants

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In the dry New Mexico climate, residents don’t worry about the roads washing away. ¾ of the roads are even left unpaved. For the first owner of a Bruges Waffles & Frites franchise restaurant, this could mean that many different roads lead to their franchise! As Bruges begins to expand across the American West, we are excited to offer our opportunity to those in New Mexico communities. We gathered the top 7 reasons why Bruges is a good fit for New Mexico.

No Matter the Language, a Waffle is a Waffle…

The state constitution of New Mexico declares it as a bilingual state and ⅓ of New Mexico families speak Spanish in their homes. The good news is that no matter the language it is ordered in, our authentic Belgian waffles will change the way you see waffles in the future.

Floating on Air

Albuquerque is home to the world’s largest international hot air balloon festival. While people from far and wide come to catch a glimpse of the beautiful balloons, they can also have their taste buds feel as if they are floating on air when they taste Bruges Waffles.

Four Corners Expand

New Mexico is part of the famous Four Corners region that borders Utah, Colorado, and Arizona. The questions has been asked that if someone stands in the Four Corners while eating a Belgian waffle, are they standing in five places at once?

Spicy Vs. Savory

As the Green Chile Capital of the World, the Hatch Valley Chile Festival draws many participants to eating contests, dances, and other festivities. Even though green chilies are not yet part of our menu, when paired with the authentic spices offered by Hatch, it soon could be!

Government or Bruges?

The Federal Government serves as a major employer throughout the state along with state and local government offices. When Bruges franchise restaurants comes to town, we could also serve as a major employer.

Higher Elevations

Santa Fe is the highest capital city in the US and sits at 7,000 feet above sea level. Did you know that some things may taste different at higher elevations? Our authentic Belgian waffles are not one of them.

Education Doesn’t Change Waffles

In 1888 not a single public college or high school existed in the New Mexico territory, and public education as a whole was virtually non existent. Now the state is home to several colleges, universities and trade schools, but the fact remains, you don’t have to be highly educated to know that menu items served at Bruges Waffles & Frites are the best authentic Belgian specialties in the country.

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