7 Things You Didn’t Know About Waffles

Do you consider yourself a waffle connoisseur? Think you know everything there is to know about these fluffy dewdrops from heaven? We’ve scoured the internet to find these 7 waffle facts to help you brush up on waffle trivia, guaranteeing you’ll impress your friends with your newfound waffle knowledge.

1. The Word Waffle Has German Origins

The word waffle is rumored to come from the Old German word “wafen”, which means “to weave something into the shape of a honeycomb.” A truer definition was never written. We’d just like to modify it to add “and tastes like heaven on a plate”.

2. The Largest Waffle Ever Made Was Over 110 Lbs.

We can thank Stichting Gouda Oogst of the Netherlands for baking this 8-foot-long, 110-pound culinary masterpiece in 2013. Perhaps a house made completely of waffles will become a reality sometime in our future.

3. There are 3 Main Types of Waffles

While others may try to replicate their deliciousness, there are only 3 true types of waffles. Belgian waffles are crispy on the outside and light and airy on the inside, while American waffles are also fluffy, but with a less crispy exterior. Liege waffles are dense, yeasty, and full of large sugar crystals—if you’ve never tried them you need to. Like yesterday.

4. Someone Actually Wrote a Song About Waffles

Thanks to Parry Gripp and his 2008 song “Do You Like Waffles?” waffle lovers the world around can finally have their affinity for waffles represented in a song. Listen to it, learn the words, and sing an ode to these sweet, delicious breakfast cakes.

5. There are 2 National Waffle Days

Because one day just isn’t enough. Mark these two dates on your calendar: March 25th and August 24th to be sure you don’t miss out on the celebration. March 25th is technically Swedish National Waffle Day, but if your love for waffles is pure, it knows no borders.

6. The First Nike Shoe Sole Was Created with a Waffle Iron

In 1971, while watching his wife prepare waffles for breakfast, Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman was inspired by the shape of the waffle iron. So inspired, in fact, that he actually used a waffle iron to create the sole of the first Nike sneakers.

7. Eggos Weren’t Always Called Eggos

Would an Eggo by any other name taste as sweet? Thankfully, we no longer have to wonder. Upon its inception in the 1950s, Eggos were named “Froffles”. I’m not kidding. It was a combination of the words “frozen” and “waffles”. Eventually, the company came to their senses and renamed these frozen bits of deliciousness Eggos. And thank goodness for that—“Leggo my Froffle” just doesn’t have the same ring.

Bring on the Waffles

Are you looking for an excuse to share your newfound waffle knowledge on a daily basis? Opening a Bruges Waffles and Frites franchise gives you the perfect excuse.

Now get out there and eat some waffles!

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