3 Reasons To Eat Bruges’ Waffles Any Time of Day


Ask any American about the proper time of day to eat waffles, and chances are they’ll answer “breakfast.” At Bruges Waffles and Frites, however, we align with true Belgian tradition when we say that waffles can – and should – be eaten at any meal, regardless of time or day.

Contrary to the sugar-heavy breakfast item that’s printed on breakfast menus across the U.S., waffles in Belgium are a common street food that’s traditionally eaten with your hands. Instead of dousing waffles in gallons of syrup, Belgian’s find that the waffle itself is the actual treat because of how well-made they are.

Founded on the desire to share authentic Belgian flavors to the community of Salt Lake City, Bruges’ menu contains items that are genuine, flavorful and not limited to the time of day. In fact, the Bruges Franchise encourages customers to indulge in a true European dining experience meant to be enjoyed in the presence of family and friends, no matter what time the waffle craving strikes.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner: Three Reasons To Eat Bruges

While Bruges offers unforgettable sweet, fruity waffle toppings, we also strive to give our patrons the best authentic savory options possible.

  • Sweet waffles: Choose between a classic vanilla or cinnamon liege waffle and choose from toppings like creme fraiche, Belgian chocolate or caramel sauce, Speculoos spread, vanilla bean, strawberry, or speculoos ice cream and fresh fruit.J9jWj61Xu5W7RS9tJav7Sx1TMsVZM1z1Mf0QB_JHT3I
  • Savory sandwich waffles: Constructed with two fresh traditional Belgian waffles, Bruges offers savory sandwiches that include meats like turkey, ham, and prosciutto, cheeses like swiss, brie, mozzarella, and goat cheese, and fresh veggies like butter lettuce, peppers, tomatoes, avocados and more. bruges_-13021_forweb
  • Frites and meats: Want to try more delicious Belgian fare? Try our secret lamb sausage, traditional beer braised beef stew, our steakhouse beef patty, or a classic Belgian Frikandel.Stew-menu

Regardless if you’re a sweet or savory eater, Bruges signature frites are a staple side item for any meal. Add one of the several traditional mayo-based sauces made in house with fresh herbs and spices and you’ll be hooked.

Want More Bruges? Join Our Franchise!

Can’t seem to get enough of Bruges’ classic Belgian flavors? Join our franchise family today and reap the benefits of running a fast-going, true-to-form, franchise. We are committed to uncompromising quality and authenticity in a warm and welcoming environment. As a community-oriented brand, we are loyal to the local neighborhoods we serve and our entire franchise family. We have a progressive, cooperative approach that builds a trusted public following and backs our internal franchise model.

Visit a Bruges near you to get a delicious taste of a true Belgian staple, and check out our franchise FAQs to see if joining the Bruges Franchise family is a fit for you.

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