Bruges Sugar House Restaurant Participates in Sample Sugar House

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The Sugar House Chamber of Commerce sponsored a ten day ‘Sample Sugar House’ event that featured some of the best food franchise locations in the city, offering three course meals at affordable prices. Our Bruges Sugar House restaurant was excited to participate in the event and offered a three course meal consisting of a Ricky Burger, authentic Belgian Frites, and a Liege waffle with either our homemade creme fraiche and strawberries or caramelized apples and ice cream. Other restaurant franchises that participated include:


  • Wasatch Brew Pub
  • Mellow Mushroom
  • Pei Wei
  • Even Stevens
  • Red Lobster
  • Kimi’s Chop & Oyster House
  • Este Pizza


“The goal of the event is to benefit the business owners in the Sugar House area,” said Scott Fletcher, Sugar House Chamber of Commerce, Marketing Chair.  “We think after this year, all the restaurants will see the benefit in it and want to participate.”

Our Sugar House restaurant was impressed with the turnout they experienced and will definitely participate in this event again in the future.


Restaurant Franchises Offer a Sweet Opportunity

Bruges Waffles & Frites is expanding through the western United States and is looking for franchise partners to help us build our brand. Ideal candidates are active in the communities they plan on franchising in and are aware of events similar to the Sample Sugar House one, and are willing to participate for more exposure to their business.


Bruges began when Belgian natives Pierre Vandamme and Philippe Wyffels met in Salt Lake City, Utah and reminisced on the cuisine from their childhoods. The two men set out to recreate the famous Liege waffle they remembered from their youth and debuted their creation in the Salt Lake City farmers market. The demand for authentic food led them to open a year round restaurant location in Salt Lake City and expand their menu offerings. They later opened three additional Utah restaurants.


Bruges offers a wide variety of menu items ranging from the sweet Liege waffle to the savory Machine Gun Sandwich™. If you are searching for opportunities with restaurant franchises and can smell the waffles, we want to hear from you!

A Franchise Restaurant is Only as Good as its Franchisees

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The top restaurant franchises are only as good as the franchisees who buy into their systems. Though we are searching to expand the Bruges business model, we want to do it with the right franchise partners. Bruges Waffles & Frites franchise restaurant owners will come from all walks of life, and have different educational and career backgrounds, but will also have a few common traits, including:


  • Entrepreneurial spirit with the desire to lean on a proven system
  • Driven by achievement
  • Developed leadership and communication skills
  • Enjoys fast-paced environments
  • Actively participates in their community


3 Reasons NOT to Buy a Franchise

Having the right personality traits and styles is vital to your success as a franchise owner. Just like there are silly reasons for accepting a job, there are also silly reasons for turning to franchising.


  1. You are unemployed. Buying a franchise restaurant because you have no other job options adds unnecessary pressure to succeed. Buying a franchise should be a decision made when you are ready, and because it is something you truly want to do.
  2. It’s trendy. Just like cars come in and out of style quickly, so can a newer franchise. Make sure the franchise restaurant you are interested in has a proven record and the opportunity for continued growth.
  3. You found the perfect spot to open a franchise, but are not sure what you will do in that spot. Before jumping ahead to scouting out locations, potential franchise owners should decide the franchise industry they want to join, if they are a good fit for the franchise, and if other franchise owners are happy.


When is the Right Time to Open a Franchise Restaurant?

Bruges Waffles & Frites offers a unique menu not offered in any of the top restaurant franchises. Our entry fee is affordable, and we offer full training to franchisees–even to those without any prior restaurant experience. Our turnkey franchise opportunity offers a collaborative culture where franchisees are encouraged to share ideas and learn from one another. If you are at a point in your life where franchising is appealing, we invite you to learn more about franchise opportunities with Bruges.

Restaurant Industry Trends Show Negative Connotations Associated with ‘Fast Food’

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The old cliche ‘the only thing constant in life is change,’ has proven true in the restaurant industry lately. With the introduction of fast casual restaurants, franchise chains that were once referred to as fast food are beginning to rebrand and change their image as the term now has negative connotations attached to it. Whether they now refer to themselves as ‘fast-crafted, ‘fine casual’ or even ‘fan food,’ restaurant industry trends show that fast food franchises are on the downfall.


Change is in the Air

This need to rebrand has affected even the largest fast food chains. McDonald’s has launched their new “Create Your Taste” burgers where the customer is able to choose what goes on their burger, and have it served to them in a basket often seen at sit down restaurants. Arby’s has coined the term ‘fast crafted’ to convey the message that while they are still fast, they provide the made-special-for-you feel. Del Taco is positioning themselves as a quick-service-plus restaurant, and Dairy Queen’s newest tagline is “Fan Food, Not Fast Food.”


Consumers Crave Consistency

With all the change in the restaurant industry, Bruges Waffles & Frites remains the same. We entered the market with a variety of authentic menu options, made from fresh ingredients with the purpose of meeting the needs of our consumers. Our authentic Liege waffles are made to order, and our Belgian frites are made fresh with every ordered. Our other menu items are made from scratch with high quality ingredients.

At Bruges, you can count on an ambiance that practically transports you through time for an authentic European dining experience you will not soon forget. Our restaurants all have bits of Belgian culture woven into the decor, with pictures of the famous statue Manneken Pis and authentic Belgian comic art. We truly believe in the European dining experience–where food is meant to be enjoyed in the company of family and friends.

While other fast food franchises scramble to give the customer what they want, Bruges continue to do what we do best: serving authentic Belgian specialties and ensuring our customers have the best dining experience possible.

Bruges Restaurant Franchises Named Among Those With Best Fries in Utah

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It’s no secret. Authentic Belgian frites are so good–sometimes our customers can’t handle it! Recently, Bruges Waffles & Frites was ranked in an article entitled ‘12 Restaurants in Utah with Fries so Good You Can’t Handle It,’ by The article discussed the perfect fry that’s crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside, and has the perfect amount of salt. The perfect batch of fries without any soggy ones also helped a restaurant make the list.


No Matter How You Cook It…

Bruges Waffles & Frites franchise restaurants cook our frites to perfection–the Belgian way! Each frite is fried twice to ensure the perfect texture both inside and out. When our frites are combined with our handmade mayonnaise based dipping sauces, you can be prepared for a party in your mouth!


Even though the origin of french fries has been widely debated, we do know that fried potatoes date back to 1680 in a tiny Belgian town where the people fried potatoes when they could no longer fish in the frozen river. In 1857, an article in a Belgian newspaper referred to a man as “The King of Fried Potatoes” for selling fries at a state fair.


The term “French Fries” came later when the American allies landed in the Belgian Ardennes, tried the fried potatoes and nicknamed them French fries after the native language spoken there. No matter how a french fry is cooked, it is still Belgian!

Franchise the Best Frites

Bruges restaurant franchises are looking to expand across the Western United States and is on the hunt for entrepreneurs to help us develop our brand and change the way Americans think about waffles! We build a interdependent and collaborative partnership with our restaurant franchise partners, and strive to create a learning community where we can learn from one another. To learn more about the exciting world of authentic and delicious Belgian restaurant franchises, we invite you to learn more about Bruges!