Consumers Knocking Down Doors for Ethnic Cuisine Options Fast Casual Franchising Restaurants Are the Ones to Open the Door

_DSC1599The growing consumer demand for culturally diverse food options has paved the way for many fast casual franchising restaurants to open their doors. What has come to be known as “The Chipotle Effect” is allowing ethnic food to be introduced to consumers in a way that reduces the risk of trying new things as customization is a key factor in the concept of these restaurants.

The fast casual restaurant industry has seen an influx of ethnic cuisine including Mexican, Asian, Indian, Chinese, Korean, French, and now Belgian. The hottest new concept in cultural and authentic food in the fast-casual restaurant industry is Bruges Waffles & Frites, an authentic Belgian restaurant franchise.

“Bruges is bringing a bit of Europe to America by introducing customers to the European dining experience,” said Philippe Wyffels, Belgian native and co-founder of Bruges Waffles & Frites. “Europeans believe that food is meant to be relished in the company of family and friends, and that dining should be a complete experience-not a rushed meal between errands. At Bruges, it’s about more than just waffles. We introduce our customers to a whole new view of food.”

_DSC2026Bruges features authentic Belgian waffles and frites, and is entering the market as a culturally diverse option that stands apart from mass produced and processed options. With the demand for ethnic options ever rising, Bruges is there to answer and welcome customers to a whole new dining experience.

Bruges Waffles & Frites has captured media attention since its beginning in 2002. Their specialty waffles and sandwiches have been featured on travel channel’s “Man V. Food,” and received several awards locally and nationally. The chain started when co-founders Philippe Wyffels and Pierre Vandamme recreated the Liège waffle they remembered from their youth and began sharing it within their new Salt Lake City community. The result was an instant hit with fans, and the two now run four successful Utah locations.

The restaurant chain is seeking to expand in the Mountain West region, and is currently seeking franchisees in select communities in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, Washington, and Oregon. If you or someone you know is ready to join the Bruges family, visit for more information.

National Waffle Day Is Coming to a City Near You…

more-questiosWaffle lovers everywhere have reason to celebrate as National Waffle Day approaches. The celebration will take place on Monday, August 24, 2015, with waffles of every kind imaginable being served in restaurants and homes around the nation. Bruges Waffles & Frites restaurant franchise will be among those celebrating their love of waffles as they continue their search for the first franchise owner. The search comes with a bounty, and the person who refers the first qualified franchisee in their state will earn a free trip for two to Belgium.

“We are so excited to offer our restaurant franchise opportunity that giving away a trip to Bruges, is the least we can do for helping us find the successful candidate,” said Philippe Wyffels, co-founder of Bruges Waffles & Frites and Belgian native. “We are looking for someone who will share in our values and our commitment to helping customers to enjoy a true European dining experience.”

“If you know a waffle lover that wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity to own one of the hottest new restaurant franchises available, visit to enter their contact information,” said Gerry Carpenter, Director of Franchising. “If the person you refer goes on to sign as a franchisee, Bruges will give you a trip for two to Belgium to experience world-famous sites and taste delicious cuisine in the place where it all started.”

The Bruges Waffles & Frites concept was born in 2002 when Belgian _DSC2026natives Philippe Wyffels and Pierre Vandamme met and began recreating the famous Liège waffles they remembered from their childhoods. Once they had perfected their recipe, they shared the creation with the farmers market in Salt Lake City, and the waffle movement began. Now, the company has four Utah restaurant locations. The company is searching for franchisees in select communities in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, and Oregon. For more information on joining the Bruges franchising family, visit

Have You Spotted the Bruges Waffle Bus?


Food trucks are all the rage currently, and the Bruges Waffle Bus is creating quite a stir as well! Whether we are coming to your office for a special treat, a sporting event, grand opening celebration or even catering at your parents’ 50th anniversary party, Bruges waffle bus will make any event special!

Authentic Waffles. Anywhere You Go, We’ll Follow.

When the Bruges waffle bus pulls into your parking lot, you know you are in for a treat! These delectable specialties are so much more than just waffles; they are authentic Belgian cuisine from co-founders Pierre Vandamme and Philippe Wyffels. The Bruges waffle bus allows you to indulge in your favorite Liège waffles no matter where you are, or what event you are attending.

If you have a hankering for waffles, don’t settle for anything less than the best! Authentic Bruges waffles are just a bus stop away. The Bruges waffle bus schedule can be found here.

Not Your Grandmother’s Waffle Bus_DSC2026

Though there may be other waffle buses roaming around the streets of Salt Lake, there are no others that offer the wide range of authentic specialty cuisine that we offer at Bruges. From chocolate dipped waffles to chocolate stuffed torpedo waffles, and even our famous Waffle Monster®, the Bruges waffle bus truly offers something for everyone.

Will your event be the where the waffle bus is sighted next? If you are ready for people to rave about the food for months to come, choosing Bruges waffle bus catering is the only way to go!

 The Bruges Waffle Bus is only available in the Utah market today, but Bruges is coming to a community near you. Bruges Waffles & Frites is now offering franchise territories in the major metro areas of Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, and Oregon. For more information, visit

Colorado Welcomes European Culture Groups

Belgium-FlagColorado Welcomes European Culture Groups

Bruges franchise restaurants are coming to Colorado, but we are not the first bit of European culture to come to the state. We are happy to see the Franco/Belgian culture thriving in the state, and look forward to being involved in the community with several of these organizations.

The Colorado Springs French Language Meetup Group

Enjoy once a month meet ups with a diverse group of people from different backgrounds with a variety of speaking skills. The environment of this group is friendly and helpful to those who are just learning. For more information on this group, or the meetup venue and date, visit:

Cherry Creek French Group

Looking for a good conversation in French? This group meets weekly to practice language skills and encourage those who are new to enhance their vocabulary. For more information on meetups, visit:

Denver Metro French Table

From French newbie to fluent extraordinaire, this group welcomes French speakers of all ages to come, engage in a French conversation and hone their French speaking skills. All are welcome to come and be involved with this stellar group! For information on meetups, visit:

appropiate-productsCafe Francais

This group is not for beginners! The group meets to practice their skills at a faster pace, but are also willing to help beginners at other times. For more information on meetups or how you can receive help on your French skills, visit:

Bruges franchise restaurants are excited to see the activities of these and many other groups happening in Colorado communities. We can’t wait to open our first franchise locations in your communities so we can welcome your groups to meet over authentic Belgian waffles!

European Culture Groups Prevalent in Nevada

DSC_8095As Bruges restaurant franchises prepare to move into Nevada communities, we are proud to see the prevalence of other French and European groups within the state. Bruges shares values and culture with many of these groups and is happy to see the culture alive and thriving within the state. Here are a few that we are excited to work with as we bring a bit of European culture to Nevada:

L’Academie Franciphone de Las Vegas

As a nonprofit 501(c) 3 institution, L’Academie Franciphone de Las Vegas encourages Las Vegas residents to “French up their life” by acting as a French language and cultural organization to locals. The Academie offers classes that help adults who are planning a trip to France, polishing their French skills or even exploring the language for the first time. They also are the hosts of other local events including French movie nights, French breakfasts, picnics, and music festivals. For event information visit:

The Reno French Language Conversation Group

No matter your age or skill level, this conversation group meets once a month to encourage French language skills, help you build your vocabulary and meet friends. Planning a trip to France and hoping to place a perfect order at a five star restaurant? This group is a good place to start. For more information or to stay up-to-date on events:

French Quarter in Las Vegaslas vegas sign

For the culture lover in you, the French Quarter online magazine sponsors monthly meetings to help those planning on traveling to Francophone countries and practice French speaking skills outside the classroom. The group’s mission is to help you make friends and improve your speaking abilities as you discover new and interesting people and cultural values. For more information:

Arizona Residents Suffer From Liège Deficiency

DSC_6342Study finds that lack of authentic options results in fewer wishes of “Bon Appétit”

United Waffle Lovers conducted a survey recently which revealed Arizona residents are suffering from a newly discovered condition they are calling Liège deficiency. The cause? A lack of authentic food options that results in fewer wishes of “Bon Appétit.” The cure? Bruges Waffles & Frites franchising restaurants opening in Arizona.

The symptoms of Liège deficiency include:

  • Shortness of breath whenever the word “waffle” is mentioned
  • Dizziness with anticipation of the day authentic Liège waffles arrive
  • Tingling in the taste buds
  • Unusual cravings for waffles

The symptoms will vary on a case by case basis and may be more extreme in some than others.

“Liège Deficiency is a real problem for the residents of Arizona,” stated Philippe Wyffels, Belgian native and co-founder of Bruges Waffles & Frites. “We are happy to have the cure that residents of this great state have been seeking. Together with those who suffer from the condition, we can eliminate Liège Deficiency entirely by introducing authentic waffles and frites to those who are not aware of what they have been missing.”

Bruges Waffles & Frites understands deficiency. When they met in Salt Lake City, Co-founders Pierre Vandamme and Philippe Wyffels were appalled by the lack of authentic food options the city had to offer. They got to work cooking up the famous Liège waffles they remembered from their youth and shared them at the farmers market. The result? More instances of “Bon Appétit” were shared throughout the city as residents rejoiced in their non-deficient state.

Bruges continued to work hard to help residents understand their deficient conditions. They opened four year round restaurant locations throughout the Salt Lake valley, expanded their menu to include Belgian style frites, and specialty sandwiches, and got the attention of both local and national media. Now, the company is continuing to help those who suffer Liège deficiency by expanding their brand into neighboring states and bringing awareness to the condition.

People may say a vitamin a day keeps the doctor away, but at Bruges, they say, “a waffle a day keeps boring food away.”