What Does the Belgium Effect Mean to Bruges?

_DSC0095Food lovers from around the world united at a four-day feast at the Culinary Food Festival in Brussels. The theme of the festival was “The Belgium Effect,” and featured 30 of the country’s most famous chefs displaying their interpretation of the theme through the dishes they served. The cuisine presented was diverse in style, technique, ingredients, preparation and presentation. When asked more about the theme and how they portrayed it in their meals, each chef had a different answer. Read more about what the featured chefs had to say about the “Belgium Effect” theme.

While any food-lover enjoys a food-fest like the Brussels four-day feast, you don’t have to be a chef to appreciate the Belgium Effect. As we work to become the best food franchise, Bruges Waffles & Frites is excited to see the Belgium Effect taking the world by surprise. Bruges brings a unique alternative to modern fast food options and brings a true European dining experience to the community. Our warm atmosphere combined with authentic flavors is unique and loved by our customers.

ripe-marketOur potential franchise owners can also appreciate the Belgium effect as they ride out this global trend and begin finding their loyal customers. The opportunity to become a best food franchise is within reach and is currently only available to select communities in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington. If you are ready to smell the waffles, we invite you to visit our online discovery center for more information.

French Fries Aren’t French!

_DSC1864Bruges Waffles & Frites franchise restaurants recently announced their intentions to bring their unique approach to the fast-casual restaurant industry to markets in the western states. Along with this expansion process, Bruges plans to educate consumers on the true history of the “French Fry.” The twist? French fries are not really French!

“The history of the French Fry-‘known as ‘Frites’ or ‘Friets’ in Belgian culture–is not widely known, and we intend to teach somewhat of a history lesson as we introduce the authentic specialty frites to new markets,” explains Pierre Vandamme, Belgian native and co-founder of Bruges Waffles & Frites.

Bruges’ frites have received both local and national media attention, having won awards and recognitions from both.

Frites have strong Belgian roots that date back to 1680. Then part of the Spanish Netherlands, the people were so poor that they considered small fried fish a delicacy. When fishing was no longer an option due to a frozen river, the people turned to slicing small potatoes and frying them instead. Many years later, the local newspapers ran a feature article about a man named Fritz who was selling fries at Belgian fairs. The papers referred to the man as ‘The King of Fried Potatoes,’ and shortly after stalls selling the fries began appearing in Antwerp.

The misleading name “french fries” is not fully known, but has two alleged sources. The first, being from the Irish verb “to french” which roughly translates to “to cut.” The second, from the American Allies during World War II who tasted the potatoes and called them “French” after the native language then spoken in the Belgian Ardennes, and “fries” for the cooking method used. Whichever story you prefer, french fries should correctly be referred to as “Belgian Frites.”

_DSC1797Bruges Waffles & Frites introduced their fried specialty to the Salt Lake City community after winning fans with their authentic Liège waffles. The brand was already receiving glowing reviews from customers, but with the addition of authentic Belgian frites, the attention grew. Their specialty frites earned awards including City Weekly’s Best French Fries for two years running, a feature on travel channel’s Man vs. Food, and even earned a ranking on the “Best Desserts in Salt Lake City” list for their waffles. Bruges menu is small and simple, but continues to create raving fans, earn recognitions from national and local media and does not disappoint its fans.



Raving Reviews United

As we enter into the restaurant franchising industry, we realize the impact that customer reviews can have on a person’s decision to purchase a restaurant franchise location. While we are thankful for the local and national media attention we have received over the years, we know it is our loyal fans that help drive our business. We gathered some of our favorite reviews found on various online review platforms to give you the bigger picture of what our customers are saying about the current Bruges Waffles & Frites locations._DSC2026


“Waffles were the best I have ever had and even though I live 800 miles away I will be back for more.”–Chris

“I wish I had stopped by here earlier. I could eat French Toast or Waffles every day of the week… especially if the waffles taste like Bruges waffles!” –-Marcus

“Saw this place on Man vs Food and had to check it out. It did not disappoint, the food was awesome! The Machine Gun Sandwich is a must for first time visitors.”–Carlos

“The only thing I ate at Bruges was the machine gun sandwich…it has been months since that meal and I still get pleasure from thinking about it.” –-Benjamin

“Bruges has the best waffles you have ever had. After eating here I will never eat waffles anywhere else!” — Brendan

“The Machine Gun sandwich is addicting, and their aioli is top notch.”–Jared



“Good food and service, especially for such a popular place.” — SLC Diner

_DSC1683“ Machine Gun Sandwich Take the best day of your life, and put it in a bun! Unbelievable!! Hands down, best complemented meal I’ve ever had! I have found my favorite meal out there.”— Kyle

“The fries are amazing. Gotta love the twice-fried thing.” –Diner for SLC

“Save your stomach space for their waffles! For those who have never had a real Belgian waffle, this is not the waffle you get at IHOP. I had mine filled with melted chocolate on the inside and it was heaven!” –True Food Junkie

“Bruges Waffles and Frites is an absolutely heavenly experience.”--Diner from SLC


“The best, most awesomeness, wonderfully delicious Belgian Waffles on the planet.” –Bill SDSC_6333

“Here you can order anything and it’s sure to be absolutely amazing. You’ll definitely love it!”–Kaeman

“One liege waffle with strawberries and creme fraiche please. SO DELICIOUS. If you go here- this is seriously all you need to order.” –Anita

“We got a waffle with cookie spread with strawberries and whipped cream. I swear angels were dancing on my tongue.”--Alyse

“If you have never tasted real Liege Waffles, then you have to come here and try them, they are absolutely amazing!” –Kay S.

Colorado and Bruges: An Opportunity Too Sweet to Turn Down

a-premium-productOne of the many things Colorado is known for is being the only state in history to turn down the opportunity to host the Olympics. In 1976, 62% of Denver voters answered negatively when asked about their feelings toward hosting the global sporting event. Due to resident concerns, the city politely turned down the chance. But now, Bruges Waffles & Frites is offering a breakfast franchise opportunity that is literally too sweet to turn down.

Four Corners… Or Five Places?

Pierre Vandamme is a Belgian native that spent his childhood savoring the authentic, rich and flavorful cuisine customary to the old world. Upon meeting fellow Belgian, Philippe Wyffels in Salt Lake City, the two set out to recreate the cuisine they remembered from their youth that is no longer found among today’s mass produced options. Once they had successfully reinvented the Liège waffle, they set out on a journey to share it with their new community. The demand for their delicious waffles was strong, and soon they opened a restaurant location in downtown Salt Lake City. Before they knew it, two more locations had opened, and now they are offering restaurant franchise opportunities in Colorado. This opportunity is literally too sweet to turn down!

The authentic cuisine offered by the franchise will have your customers feeling as if they stepped into Europe. The question is if you take a Liège waffle to the infamous four corners, will you actually be in five places at once?


Cheeseburgers, Chickens, Rodeo and… Waffles?

Colorado is known for many things- among them, cheeseburgers, Mike the Headless Chicken day, and world-famous rodeos. How do waffles fit in with these?


Colorado already claims invention of the cheeseburger, as a Denver native was awarded the trademark in 1935. Why not build on that legacy, and add claim to the first Bruges Waffles & Frites franchise location?

Headless Chicken Day

Mike the chicken had his head cut off by a farmer and lived another four years headless. Along with celebrating Mike’s long and unusual life, residents of Colorado can now celebrate “Waffle Day,” or the day that Bruges franchising came to town. Who can resist a whole day dedicated to the glorious tastes of authentic Belgian waffles?

Western Stock Show

The world’s largest rodeo held annually in Denver brings with it an influx of visitors, all seeking dining experiences that rival the rodeo they came for. Bruges’ waffles and frites are not limited to time of day, or occasion and would make a perfect pair for rodeo fans.

If you can smell the waffles and agree that bringing an authentic European dining experience to your Colorado community is too sweet of an opportunity to turn down, we invite you to explore our online discovery center for answers to your questions.

Arizona and Bruges Go Together Like “Grand” and “Canyon”

Bruges is a charming town in Belgium that was home to Pierre Vandamme as a child. He grew up savoring the aromas and flavors of authentic old-world cuisine; flavors he can still recall as an adult. In 2002, now living in Salt Lake City, Utah, Pierre met fellow Belgian native Philippe Wyffels and after reminiscing about the cuisine of their youth set out to recreate the famous Liège waffle and share it with their community. What started as a waffle cart at farmers markets has now expanded to three Utah restaurant locations, and is now offering the opportunity for a franchise restaurant in Arizona.

Arizona’s Newest ‘Natural Wonder’

Arizona is home to many natural wonders of the world with the many canyons, lakes, craters, parks and caves it has to offer. Now we have a new natural wonder to add to the list.

Bruges Waffles & Frites is a ‘wonder’ to our many loyal fans and uses fresh and natural ingredients in our proprietary recipes. By being the first franchise owner in your Arizona community, you may just go down in history as one who introduced the newest ‘natural wonder’ to the state.


Make Time Stand Still

Time in Arizona seems to stand still as daylight savings is not observed. Bruges is also not limited by time, as we offer a unique menu that is not limited by time or occasion. There is no bad time to choose a Bruges Waffles & Frites franchise restaurant and bring a bit of Europe to your community.

Though Arizona was one of the last territories to become an official state in the US, you have the opportunity to be among the first states with a Bruges Waffles & Frites franchise.

Copper Capital

With copper being the most abundant state mineral, the roof on the Arizona state capital alone contains enough copper to produce over 4,800,000 pennies! The good news is, the entry fee for a Bruges franchise restaurant is significantly less than that, and will allow you to fill your penny bank…and then some!

A Grand Adventure

Bruges is offering the opportunity to build a restaurant franchise as grand as the canyon! With our menu specialties that create an instant fan base, and our franchise model that offers all the support and training needed to be successful, you will not have to worry about hitting your own Disaster Falls.

If you can smell the waffles and visualize being the first to bring them to your Arizona community, we invite you to continue on to our online discovery center to get answers to all your questions.


Ray Kroc & Dave Thomas – Meet Pierre Vandamme and Philippe Wyffels

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Bruges Waffles & Frites

Philippe (l) and Pierre (r)

Philippe (l) and Pierre (r)

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Did you hear the story about the two guys from Europe who moved to Salt Lake City, bought a street food cart, and began peddling fresh hand-made Belgium waffles and fries?

One day, if Pierre Vandamme and Philippe Wyffels have their way, their tale will be the stuff of legends, much like Ray Kroc and McDonalds, and Dave Thomas and Wendy’s.

bruges_logoPierre and Philippe are the co-founders of Bruges Waffles & Frites, which has grown into a booming four-restaurant chain in Utah, and is now expanding to other states across the Mountain West. Relying on authentic Belgium recipes, Bruges Waffles & Frites draws cult-like crowds of customers clamoring for their fast-casual cuisine.

This week on Monday Morning Radio, Pierre and Philippe will whet your appetite for their style of cooking up impressive profits – along with the best darn waffles and fries this side of the Atlantic Ocean.
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Posted: June 8,  2015